• By: OLM Staff

Tetley Cold Infusions

Canada's leading tea brand launches a collection of cold brew teas — a simple and natural way to add a hint of flavour to your water.

Even though water is the #1 recommended beverage in the new Canada Food Guide, getting your eight glasses in can sometimes be a challenge. Tetley is on a mission to make staying hydrated easier, and more fun, with the launch of Cold Infusions: all-natural herbal tea water enhancers.

Available in three flavours, Tetley Cold Infusions are caffeine-free and sugar-free. Simply drop one into a water bottle (or glass or pitcher of cold water), shake, stir or let it brew for 10 minutes for tasty, lightly flavoured water. Enjoy a hint of delicious flavour with no mess or fuss.

Available at major retailers across Canada at a suggested price of $4.49 for a box of 12 infusers.