• By: OLM Staff

“The 1867 Project” Explains Why Canada’s History is Not Perfect

Title: The 1867 Project: Why Canada Should be Cherished–Not Cancelled
Published by: Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy
Price: $25
ISBN: 978-1-775432-1-1

In recent years, debates about Canadian history have been dominated by charges that Canada is a genocidal nation-state. Historians and contributors to The 1867 Project explain the role of critical race theory, identity politics and the education system in the development of these ideas. The 1867 Project challenges the criticisms towards historical figures like Sir John A. Macdonald and highlights a positive path forward.

According to financial analyst, adjunct scholar with the Fraser Institute and Financial Post columnist Matthew Lau, “The most socially accepted and likely most common form of institutional racism today is the discrimination practised in the name of social justice or anti-racism.” To emphasize the hypocrisy in such arguments, The 1867 Project emphasizes the importance of truth, informed history and how a freer Canada can be created for all regardless of divisions on colour and gender.

About the Author:

Mark Milke is the founder and president of the Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy. Born in raised in Kelowna, British Columbia, he now lives in Calgary. Milke has published six books, 70 studies and over 1,000 columns published across Canada and internationally. His sixth book, The Victims Cult: How the culture of blame hurts everyone and wrecks civilizations became an American bestseller. He is also currently the president of the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Calgary. To learn more about Mark Milke, check out his website.