The Beauty of Books: The Upcoming Exhibitions of Álvaro López

The Embassy of Mexico is excited to announce the exhibitions of photographer Álvaro Alejandro López and you are invited!

López was born in Mexico City. His career journey led him to the world of Ibero-American advertising. Along with the creation of children’s stories and photographs, López also disseminated his personal photographic projects throughout Canada, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland, Germany and The Netherlands. He received many awards for his work. In 2016 he received the Arte en la Red award and an honourable mention at the 2017 NC Awards.

His exhibition De Natura Libris captures the essence of books in their natural state, with a variety of meanings and interpretations where the image represents the words. According to Alberto Manguel, “Books may not change our suffering or protect us from evil, books may not tell us what is beautiful or good, and they certainly will not separate us from our final destination, which is death, but books open us up to countless possibilities, the possibility of change, the possibility of enlightenment.” López’s work encompasses this beauty as he portrays the meaning of reading in his life and those around him. His photographs are also inspired by the spirit of his favourite books written by Orhan Pamuk, Yann Martel, Enrique Vila Matas and John Banville.

In his second exhibit, Classics, Versions and Digressions, López bases his photographs on his perception of the classic literary works which impacted his life such as Moby Dick, Waiting for Godot Ulysses and Madame Bovary. His exhibit gives them new life and allows the audience to experience their beauty from a different lens.

In a world where many classics are overshadowed by audio, processed texts and manufactured images, López’s work reconnects his audience with the heart and soul of these works.

De Natura Libris will be presented in the Alta Vista Library (2516 Alta Vista Dr.) from March 20 to May 26. Classics, Versions and Digressions can be found in Ottawa’s central library (120 Metcalfe) from April 11 to May 11, 2023.

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