• By: Allen Brown

The Benefits of Customer Feedback for New Businesses in Ottawa 

Ottawa is a major hub of Canadian business. This brings with it a host of benefits for those working both locally, nationally and internationally. Yet for new business owners, this can be a curse as well as a blessing. Competition is strong across most sectors and it may seem that you have a mountain to climb when trying to find new leads or clients. If you feel like your business has hit a wall, then help is at hand. All you need is customer feedback.

Provides a More In-Depth Understanding of Your Customers 

Solid market research is essential when it comes to setting up your product or service, as per Investopedia. Yet it can often be general, categorizing people into broad groups and missing some of the smaller, most vital details. Customer feedback goes one step further, taking direct commentary and insights from the people already using your product and service.

All of this can be used to build a more personalized experience. It is no secret that customers are more likely to build stronger bonds with a company if they believe this has been provided. This means long-term investment in your product and brand, with clients coming back time and time again to use your product.

An extension of this is the feedback you can get from affiliate marketers. The iGaming industry has been using this tactic for some time. An affiliate marketer has to tread a fine line. They need to make sure they highlight the positives in a product but also be honest enough to get the trust of their followers. Thus, you can get some very truthful feedback from them. An example of this can be found in this Twin Casino review. It has some extremely positive comments but also highlights improvements that could be made. Not only does this get you great feedback, but it also has the bonus of bringing traffic through affiliate marketing.

It Helps Attract More Leads 

Visible customer feedback can not fail to bring more leads, if this is done correctly. This is because people will always tend to trust what other users of a product say, as noted by Williams Commerce, more so than the company themselves. This can include reviews of local businesses on platforms like Google Business, or could even extend to social media influencers and the aforementioned affiliates.

Don’t be afraid to use this feedback on your website either. This is known as a testimonial. Use them sparingly and in small amounts.

Also, don’t shy away from negative customer feedback. If you can respond accordingly to comments online and let people know you take customer service very seriously, this can be just as valuable as a positive review.

It Lets You Compete With Bigger Companies 

Ratings from social proof are a very important SEO ranking factor. If you find you are outclassing the competition in many areas, then you will slowly see yourself rise in the search engine rankings. While the bigger companies may have the money to hire large digital marketing teams, they can’t buy honest and positive public praise.

As larger businesses in Ottawa expand, you may see them struggling to keep a human face to their burgeoning empire. By responding to customer feedback you can provide a personalized experience they may struggle to deliver. When this translates to ratings and rankings, you will soon be a serious threat and find more clients heading your way.