The Bridal Trends That Will be Everywhere in 2018

Brides of 2018 your wedding galore makes way embellished with classic and minimalist looks. For 2018, the sexy bride approaches a more traditional vibe for sensual and light fashion. Over edginess is toned down and inspired by the fresh Spring season, with intricate details and jewelry or body defining silhouettes. The Wedding Palace Bridal Show in Ottawa earlier this month saw selections of new designs complimenting both vintage and modern appeal. Here are the trends of the year that you need to know.

Stunning Straps

According to designer Vivian Theoret from Juliannah’s Bridal, “it is all about the shoulder treatment,” otherwise known as more straps and sleeves with the glitz and the glam. Whether they are thick or thin or embellished with opulent crystals, white lace, layers or pearls or beautiful beading, take this opportunity to accentuate your shoulders and neckline. Straps add focal points to the back of low backline dresses, which can be just as stunning as the front.

Victorian Vibes with a Splash of Colour

Designer Dominique from Levesque Bridal Salon shares that pops of color are trending, from champagne underlays to blush pinks. Victorian time nostalgia can be achieved with graphic lace created with diamond sequins to create high laced necklines, lace sleeves or even some pouf for a fanciful look. Muriel Henry, who has been selling Park Lane Jewellery & doing jewellery styling for about a year, explains that “higher necklines or halter necklines means either no necklace, a very simple one or long one. It leaves the door wide open for statement earrings to make a comeback. Big, playful and super sparkly earrings help draw the eye up to your face & will make your neck appear longer and leaner!”

Princess Capes

Transform yourself and channel your inner princess like Snow White or Elsa by wearing a luxe cape instead of a traditional veil or train. Muriel explains capes are very popular this season. If you are a bride desiring to change up your look part way through wedding, this trend is for you! The cape/capelet presents a more regal and refined look, ideal for the wedding ceremony. Take the cape off for the reception and get a completely new look and feel! Adding in multi-wear style jewellery will help transform your look even more. Get the look and feel of two outfits while purchasing just one.

Embellish Yourself

Not feeling traditionalism but digging the minimalist approach? Then a bridal jumpsuit may be ideal for you. This modern and sleek backdrop is all clean lines, a blank canvas perfect for some showcasing some statement accessories. Muriel Henry reminds us of the theory that a woman should spend 80-85% of her fashion budget on accessories. With the unique style of the jumpsuit, you can either choose to wear big, bold statement jewellery pieces or opt to keep it simple and delicate, as with the dress. An added bonus? The trendy minimalist-style dress or jumpsuit can also always be worn again for other events. Simply add different jewellery and it will look like a entirely new outfit.

The Arm Party

Bracelets are often underused and underrated. As Muriel explains, “your wrist is the slimmest part of your body, so you want to accentuate it. Do this by wearing multiple bracelets, but always in odd numbers – 1, 3, 5…The only exception to that is when you wear a watch. You never want to wear it alone. Always pair it with a bracelet. We call this an arm party.”

2018 inspires bridal fashion to tone it down a notch to match elegant and minimalist trends. Straps, intricate beading, capes and an emphasis on jewelry are some fresh ideas to help you present your best self on your big day. How will you transform your look?