• By: Katie Hartai

The Brothers at Bluesfest

Roots-rockers, The Bros. Landreth will be showcasing their unique “Canadiana” style at Ottawa’s Bluesfest this Sunday.

With wailing electric guitars, thundering organs and naturally harmonious vocals, at first listen The Bros. Landreth may sound like they hail from the American south, and not from the isolated prairies of Manitoba.

“Down in the States they call (the genre) Americana, but we like to call it Canadiana,” explains band vocalist and bassist David Landreth. “It’s rooted in blues, R&B and rock and roll.”

David started the group more than three years ago with his brother Joey Landreth, the band’s guitarist and vocalist. The siblings had originally set off to pursue separate music careers, but felt like something was missing.

“I called him one day when we were both on the road and he said ‘you know we should really be doing this together’,” David remembers. “The one phone call spurred everything.”

Although working alongside a brother comes easily for David, he Bros. Landereth 1admits, as all siblings, they do occasionally get on each other’s nerves.

“We like to just laugh it off and say ‘mom and dad don’t fight’,” David jokes.

The Landreth’s were later joined by long time friends Ryan Voth (drummer) and Ariel Posen (keyboardist). Both have previously played and worked with David and Joey in various music combinations.

“We all grew up in very musical families,” says David. “We were all encouraged at a really young age to pursue music and follow the natural path laid out for us.”

Their 2013 debut album, Let it Lie, is filled with mid-tempo rockers, smooth ballads and country lullabies. It was recorded with producer Murray Pulver and won the Roots and Traditional Album of the Year at the 2015 Juno Awards.

You can listen to the gentle melodies of their title track “Let it Lie here.

Most songs the Landreth Bros. will be playing at Bluesfest are going to be from the record, although they will also be surprising fans with a few new tunes.

“It is an hour long show so we will be able to cover a lot of ground,” David says.

His favourite song to perform live is “Made Up My Mind.”

“It’s kind of a slinky, funky thing,” David explains. “It’s really fun to play and fun to sing.”Bros. Landereth 3

Summer music festivals like Bluesfest are not only a highlight for musicians on tour, but also a valuable opportunity for audiences. David says.

“They are great meeting points for music fans and are a wonderful opportunity for people to see what’s coming up and to listen to old favourites,” he says. “It is rare that you get to see that quantity of music all at once.”

David explains the band is thrilled to be part of this year’s Bluesfest lineup.

“We have played in Ottawa lots over the years but this will be a real ride,” he says. “We are excited to play for more folks and build our Ottawa friends.”

The Bros. Landreth will be hitting the Bell Stage at 5 p.m. on July 19. For more information about the band check out their website or like them on Facebook.