• By: Keith Whittier

The Canada Dance Festival Leaps into Ottawa This June

The Canada Dance Festival (CDF) is a leader in the dance community and supports the development of dance as an art form, as well as emerging and established artists. The CDF has been presenting, advancing and celebrating Canada’s dance excellence since 1987. The festival is co-produced by the National Arts Centre and celebrates the evolution and growth of the art of dance and its community of supporters.

The mandate of the festival is, “to ignite passion, inspire creativity, and unify community in support of dance in Canada.” This is shown through all of the activities they present, which reflect the diversity of this country and foster an inspiring environment for dancers and choreographers to collaborate, network and develop further skills.

The ever-evolving dance scene is built by strong relationships, relying on the dedication cultivated by the dancers and choreographers. The Canada Dance Festival DF believes in honouring the broad range of work involved in the Canadian dance scene.

Looking to the future of Canadian dance, the festival celebrates the contemporary artist’s voice. Each event highlights an aspect of our history, culture, and Canadian stories and experiences, all told through dance.

This year’s festival is being held from June 9-14 in Ottawa at the NAC. The theme is called: Changing Perspectives and is all about challenging new ideas, shown through dance performances of powerful and beautiful movements. The CDF will feature performances created for unconventional spaces, unlike traditional theatres and productions that challenge the dynamic of traditional audience/performer relationship.

To purchase tickets, visit http://canadadance.ca/cdf-box-office-how-to-buy-tickets/