The Canadians and Online Casinos – Is it a love story?

Gambling is a very famous hobby among Canadians, this great relationship was strengthened years ago by the big migration of American poker players that came to this country to continue their professional gambling after it became illegal in the United States, after this great migration the interest in card gambling increased in all the country, not only by the increased number of players but also on the large number of investors who saw a great business opportunity.

Besides the casino card games there are several other gambling options that have history and big acceptation among Canadians, naturally we are talking about bingo, slots and several sport bets where hockey, baseball and horse racing are the favorites.

Before gambling it’s important to understand the evolvement in the online gambling situation in Canada 2017. In brief, it’s legal to gamble in both modalities physical and online casinos in Canada, the regulation is done by the Ottawa’s government and also follows the national laws for gambling. In Ottawa for both residents and visitors the legal age for start gambling is nineteen years old and unless you gamble professionally your casino earnings are not taxed.

Online casinos present several benefits for Ottawa gamblers. First is the comfort that online casinos can offer, you can play your favorite casino game from your sofa, in your way to work or even at your aunt’s party to avoid boredom, instead of driving to a crowded place and make a line to place your bets you just have to open your online casino account on your mobile device.

The gambling offer of online casinos is in continuous expansion, now at days gamblers are looking for a more variated mix of games or sports to bet, the global environment of online casinos makes possible to an Ottawa resident to place a bet in the Indian Premier League or to take advantage of the jackpots cumulated in slots for millions of users from all over the world, there are also several providers focused in local offer so you can bet on the Senators or the RedBlacks and enjoy Canadian themed games.