“The Charming Taste of Europe” supports as a major sponsor the European Film Festival in Canada

European Food & Drink culture, pairing with European Films!

“The Charming Taste of Europe” is an EU-funded promotional campaign that introduces exquisite products to the United States and Canada, showcasing Europe’s charm, beauty, culture, history, art, heritage, and unique flavors.

As part of its mission, the campaign aims to increase awareness of the merits and quality standards of selected European wines and fresh fruits with promotional activities. Within this context, “The Charming Taste of Europe” once again supports as a major sponsor the European Film Festival in Canada, which takes place in November and December, featuring in-person and on-line screenings.

This year’s EUFF is offering a selection of diverse, diverting, and provocative films.  Both emerging filmmaking talents as well as recent works by established directors will be projected, while also several guest filmmakers from the European Union traveling to Canada will present and discuss their films in-person with the Canadian audience. Grab your tickets by visiting www.euffto.com!

The European Union Film Festival (EUFF) draws the best films from the European Union to Toronto, engaging 27 Consulates and Cultural Institutes in collaboration. Participating EU countries include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Food and drink are all about culture and so is cinema! Hence, in addition to the highly interesting festival program, “The Charming Taste of Europe will be hosting a wine tasting event at Spadina Theatre, on November 19th, just before (7:45pm – 8:15pm) the screening of the Italian film “The Spring of my life”.

As a Major Sponsor of the event, “The Charming Taste of Europe ” will receive special recognition in The European Film Festival’s promotional material and a special mention on social media. With its participation in the European Film Festival, “The Charming Taste of Europe” will consolidate its support to the European initiatives in the Canadian market, because of the outreach the audience provides in regards to specific demographics of interest.

The Charming Taste of Europe is promoted by the Consortium for the Protection of Wines of Abruzzo, the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kavala (Kavala COOP), the Agricultural Cooperative of Rachi Pieria (“Agios Loukas”), and the Union of Sweet Bordeaux Wines. These European agricultural products that showcase Europe’s charm, beauty, and heritage will continue to be promoted with initiatives and events dedicated to consumers, journalists, and professionals.

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