• By: OLM Staff

The COVID-19 Solutions Guide a must read for Canadians!

The COVID-19 Solutions Guide is the first comprehensive e-book, blog, and monthly newsletter about the pandemic. Professor Arvind Gupta, a former President of the University of British Columbia has described the book as: Equal parts down-to-earth advice on how to handle everyday life and an easy-to-understand description of the technical intricacies of pandemic modeling and vaccines.

The COVID-19 Solutions Guide is highly relevant to both experts and novices. Its goal is to achieve a more informed and resourceful citizenry grappling with current challenges. The authors and contributors are: Ron Baecker, an Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, and author of Computers and Society: Modern Perspectives (OUP, 2019); Gary Feldman, MD, FAAP, FABMG, a retired physician who was the Public Health Officer of Ventura County and Riverside County in California for 14 year; Judith A. Langer, a distinguished Professor Emeritus of Education and a researcher who specialized in language, literacy, and learning; Justin Stein, a Toronto-based financial advisor with a practice focused on helping families and business owners protect and manage risk. The combined work of these subject matter experts provides a wealth of information and knowledge as they focus on internet resources and solutions to COVID-19 problems in health, education, work, life at home, finances, and more. 

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