The Evolution of Technology in Internet Gambling

These days, internet gambling is starting to overtake brick-and-mortar casino gambling. Constant advances in computer technology have made online gambling the hit that it is today… and it continues to grow in spades.

This has even now extended to sports as seen on places like Netbet's sports betting site.

New software platforms are the backbone of internet gambling. Without them, facilitating these games online would not be possible. From the early 2000s, software platforms have come a long way to propel internet gambling into the stratosphere of popularity. Online gambling was once only available by downloading. You needed a file transfer protocol and a CD to be able to play the game. Otherwise, gambling on the internet was impossible for most people, because it sometimes took hours before a player could access the gaming site.

Flash technology was then introduced into the world of internet gambling. Loading time and access time for gambling sites was drastically cut down. Because of Flash, internet gambling was finally enabled without having to download a particular software onto the system. Instead, Flash required the use of a plug-in for the player to be able to access internet gambling. Flash enabled guests to play while enjoying top-notch graphics complete with audio!

The newest innovation in online gambling technology is the use of the Java software platform. Java eliminates the need for prerequisites to allow the user to play internet gambling games. As long as the casino site or any gaming site runs on a Java platform, all you need is an internet connection and you're good to go. What's even better is that the emergence of Java technology in internet gambling allows players to access their favorite casino games even in the comfort of using their mobile phones. This way, Canadians can really take internet gambling with them wherever and whenever they want to. Security-wise, Java is considered by most IT experts to be the safest platform for the gaming technology.

Finding the right gambling app for your real money betting is now a matter of clicking on the right corporate logo. Most mobile casinos these days have apps handy for the iPad/iPhone and the Android phone, while more are offering BlackBerry and Windows Mobile apps all the time. It won't be long before any of the major mobile operating systems are going to allow mobile gambling for cash – not just fun.