• By: OLM Staff

The gift of a moment of calm

PRICE: $6.99  AVAILABLE AT: Amazon.ca/TetleyTea

Launching just in time for the holidays, Tetley has collaborated with Canadian content creator Sasha Exeter on a first-of-its-kind custom herbal tea blend – Be Still.

As a long-standing fan of Tetley and lifelong tea drinker, it was a natural choice for Tetley to work with Sasha to develop a signature blend that captured her love for tea and the value she places on self-care. After working with Tetley’s Master Blenders in the UK over the last year, the two landed on a soothing herbal tea with notes of spicy ginger and mellow honey inspired by fond memories of Sasha’s childhood. Crafted to foster a sense of stillness, Be Still is the perfect addition to your daily tea ritual, encouraging Canadians to pause, unwind and embrace the moment.

Be Still is available now as an exclusive limited-release on Amazon.ca/TetleyTea. Each box of Be Still includes 40 sachets and is the perfect gift for anyone in need of a moment of calm this holiday season.