The Great Rug Adventure!

I’m excited to share my recent buying trip for Area Rugs. Spending days in showrooms looking at mass amounts of rugs, it thrills me to no end. There are many different rugs out in the market today. Hand made and machine made. Natural fiber and synthetic fiber. Woven and tufted. New and old with overdue process. What’s most important to me is that my client finds exactly what they want. Our home express’s our personality and our very personal and unique lives.

I want to insure that products I choose reflect the good taste and signature style of todays modern lifestyle.

Pattern, colour and texture allow endless options for styles. Classic, traditional, boho, sophisticated, transitional and dreamy imperfect patterns. Rugs are the foundation to a beautiful space.

Luxury materials can be found in a range of prices and with an array of design styles. Some collections offer different size options.

Rugs for those who aren’t afraid of colour. Unique and distinctive, I like to find selections that have been sourced from around the globe.

Make every room gorgeous and exciting….from the floor up!

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Til next time,