• By: OLM Staff

The Jenn Hayward Show is starting the year off by making a difference

Sometimes when you get an idea that won’t go away, you just find a way to make it happen!

Fred Penner, Bif Naked, Crystal Shawanda, and many others have signed up to raise money for the African GrassRoots Telethon in collaboration with the HERA Mission. The funds will be used for grassroots sustainable youth and entrepreneur funding in Busia and Asembo Bay, Kenya, and to build a children’s hall in Mazabuka, Zambia.

The African GrassRoots Telethon is produced by The Jenn Hayward Show and Ottawa photographer and travel writer Sarah Stewart (@adventureseekersarah). The show will be broadcast on eight different groups and shared widely on Facebook and YouTube on Sunday, January 16, 2021, from noon until 5 pm (EST).

This is Ottawa . . . When the going gets tough, we find ways to make life better for ourselves and others!  A comedian, a health care worker, and a photographer have reached out to many local Ottawa people to make this happen and it will be seen in countries worldwide.

Hayward spent five years working on the needs assessment for this project and spent eight weeks in Africa planning on connecting Canadians with the innovative and sustainable work of her friends in Africa. Hayward partnered with HERA MIssion, an established non-profit organization located in the heart of Ottawa (Canada) and a charitable foundation dedicated to improving the lives of the Asembo Bay (Kenya) community. The experience working with charities abroad was the perfect fit to make this telethon happen.

Let’s bring music, love, and laughter and get out of our own lives for an afternoon of enjoyment and sustainable giving.

Tune in live and watch the entire show free of charge at The Jenn Hayward Show on Facebook here: https://fb.me/e/1eSPVuk6t