• By: Allen Brown

The Job of Live Casino Dealer

The live casino dealer job emerged alongside the rise of live casinos in the late 1990s. The idea behind live casino is to offer online players a virtual casino experience that is very similar to those in land-based casino halls in Las Vegas and elsewhere. The job of a live casino dealer is the digital counterpart of a traditional dealer at a physical casino. Join us on a digital casino journey as we explore the role of a live casino dealer and how it enhances the gaming experience for online casino fans. Finally, we will also discuss what qualifications it takes to potentially becoming a live casino dealer. 

What is live casino dealer? 

Slots are popular online games that are easy to play and are based on the classical one-armed bandits. They do not require any previous experience and can be played alone. By contrast, table games like poker and blackjack are more complex casino games that are led by a croupier or dealer in the physical gambling world. Online casinos offer two main categories of table casino games: 

  • Computerized – fully automatic without a dealer 
  • Live Casino games with a live dealer

While online casinos offer the advantage of being accessible 24/7, computerized table games lack the social interaction normally associated with real-life poker, roulette, blackjack games. Live casino dealers have played a central role in narrowing the gap between land-based casinos and gambling sites in terms of social interaction.

The job of a live dealer is to lead the game and manage the distribution of cards and bets. It is done in a similar fashion as in a land-based casino. The main difference is that the live casino dealer manages the game virtually with digitalized cards instead of physical cards.  

How live casinos work 

It is not a coincidence that live casino games rank among the most popular games online. Live casinos have dramatically democratized the gambling market by offering the Las Vegas experience to anyone with a proper Internet connection. Live casino technology enables players around the world to play table games and place bets in real time. Thanks to live streaming, players around the world feel as they are physically sitting at a casino table with casinos offer the “real” casino feeling to players, regardless of if they happen to be at home or sitting on train. 

The role of the live casino dealer 

Live casino dealer has a central role in live casinos. The job of a live casino dealer is to enhance the players’ gaming experience. This is done through a combination of game knowledge, experience, charm and social skills. Live dealers are filmed in real streams while playing at casino tables. Since the game is digital, the dealer has screens that enables him or her to continuously follow the bets of various participating players. 

A life dealer’s ultimate task is to bring the digitalized casino experience to life for people who may be thousands of miles away. In other words, a life dealer is a host who uses his or her skills and charm to humanize a digitalized experience through social interaction and the creation of casino ambiance. In addition, live dealers are usually dressed in elegant casino clothes to further enhance the optimal Las Vegas experience to people geographically far away from America’s number one gambling city. 

What experience do live casino dealers bring? 



Like any other position, the live casino dealer job requires training and knowledge. While previous casino experience is an advantage, beginners can also become live dealers with the right mindset and determination. Experience is something that comes with the job. However, some factors are required in order to become a live dealer. 

Due to the crucial social dimension, live casino dealers must possess strong communication skills. A live dealer must be able to professionally communicate and be flexible in his or her interaction with a diverse clientele of players.

Live casino dealers must become casino experts with extensive knowledge about the various table games and their respective rules. 

Casino table games are often complex and strategic in nature. This is particularly true for poker and blackjack. A live dealer must therefore have and solid analytical skills to quickly assess games in real time. This includes risk assessment and a personality that recognizes when a player displays unhealthy game habits that could potentially lead to significant losses. 

The casino market is a global industry with players around the world who speak various languages. Fluency in English is therefore a crucial skill for a live dealer, especially in online casinos with many international clients. 

Last but not least, casino dealers must be able to work independently while simultaneously being part of an integrated casino team. 


A live casino dealer is responsible for managing distribution of cards and bets in digitalized table games. Live casino technology offers a Las Vegas casino experience through the use of live streaming. Live dealers must combine excellent game knowledge with strong social and communication skills.