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The KCC presents virtual screening of Korean film ‘Snowball’

Online Screening: Snowball (2020), LEE Woo-Jung
Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2022, ~ Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Pre-registration at: canada.korean-culture.org

With cinemas and cultural venus closed, The Korean Cultural Centre (KCC) hopes to boost Canadians’ spirits by hosting an online screening of the film Snowball (2021) by Director LEE Woo-Jung. 

Adapted from the novel The Best Life by Lim Sol-ah, winner of the 4th Munhakdongne University Novel Award in 2015, the film Snowball is leading Korea’s current independent film scene. Directed by LEE Woo-Jung, who received critics’ recognition through her short films Shhhhh (2009), and See You Tomorrow (2011), Snowball tells a story of three high school friends who run away to find answers to their perceived troubles. It captures fragments of emotions and memories of youth and school life, making the film easily relatable and engaging.

Snowball won prestigious awards at the 25th Busan International Film Festival and the 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival and was invited to numerous international film festivals. In addition, the leading actress, Bang Min-ah, has received accolades for her role as Kang-i, the main protagonist.

The Korean Cultural Centre Canada aims to familiarize Canadians with diverse Korean films and spotlight remarkable independent films and filmmakers. The KCC will continue to host monthly online screenings of Korean films through their K-Cinema program.

More information about the K-Cinema program can be found via the KCC website at http://canada.korean-culture.org.

Watch the movie trailer: