The Kids are Alright

Photo credit: David Hawe

There is only one place you should be on Sunday night at 8 p.m. and that is at the National Arts Centre to catch the only Ottawa performance by Kids in The Hall (KITH).

Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson have brought the Kids back together for a multi-city tour that thankfully includes the capital. In describing the show, Mark McKinney says the “sketches achieve a healthy level of lunacy.” Perfect. Just the way we love them! The Kids are bringing back some of the old favourites in new skits. McKinney wouldn’t specify who, but one can only hope that Chicken Lady, the Axe Murderer, Cathy and Kathy, Buddy Cole, Darill and Headcrusher will make an appearance.

skih-8Newish characters from previous tours will also grace the stage but no matter what, their wacky, sometimes irreverent, politically incorrect and often goofy antics will keep keep audiences in stitches. Nobody does it better. The Kids’ humour is something that transcends time, so even if you were too young to be glued to the CBC in the late 80s to mid-90s (or CBS and HBO if you had cable), to watch them, you will still love them today. And if you are a Kid junkie, well, there will be nothing better.

McKinney has enjoyed a varied and highly successful career in movies, tv, theatre, as a producer and of course, as a comedian. His CV is long and impressive and he has made Ottawa proud. Born here, McKinney’s dad was a diplomat so he travelled a lot. He did spend grade 1 and later grade 13 here, attending Lisgar. He says he loves coming back now. “It’s a totally different city [than when I was in high school] and it sure isn’t a sleepy place anymore. It’s amazing.”

In fact, McKinney has spent some time here over the years. Recently, he played a politician in the movie Best Laid Plans (based on the Terry Fallis novel).  Does he have any political ambitions of his own? He says he is currently involved in one campaign, One Zillion Strong, the campaign to elect Scott Vrooman to the Senate. Check out the website. It too may just bring a smile to your face, if not a hearty chuckle.

When asked why the Kids have reunited now, the affable McKinney said it was simply a matter of  “our schedules lined up and we still have some creative juices in there somewhere.” KITH fans are awfully glad there is. Don’t miss their outrageously funny sketch comedy. Grab your ticket to the Kids’ show on Sunday night at