• By: Anne Dion

The Lingerie Company That’s Everyone’s Valentine

Everywhere you look it’s candy hearts and cards, lovebirds and lace — it’s Valentine’s Day once more so let’s celebrate love! Whether or not you’re a fan of the holiday, you’ll love what this Canadian company has to offer. LACE has a huge selection of lingerie, sleepwear, activewear, and accessories for every mood, personality, and body. And it’s Canadian, so say goodbye to international shipping costs and waiting forever for your order to arrive!

Today, we’re breaking down some of what’s available so you can celebrate however you want to this year. If you’re interested in lingerie then look no further — the name of the game is feeling good in this season of love, so whatever your romantic plans may be this Valentine’s Day, here is a look at what’s available at LACE.

For the modest:

  • If you’re unsure of where to start, this red satin robe is the perfect gateway into lingerie. Its sleek fabric and flattering shape make it a universally good choice. It also makes for a great gift for someone special if you’re unsure of what size to buy!

  • If underwear is your style but the bells and whistles aren’t, then this Crushed Velvet Bralette and High Waisted Panty might be perfect for you. The simple shape lets you focus on the fun fabric, and who doesn’t like how crushed velvet feels? This is a great option for anyone on the bustier side, since it offers a little more support than the average piece of lingerie.

For the playful:

  • If fun is what you’re after this season then LACE has some great options for you! Lingerie definitely hasn’t missed the cut-outs train — try out this Ruffled Babydoll  for something a little different!

  • Want to enjoy the fun of lingerie every day? Upgrading your pyjamas, even to something simple, can have a big impact on how you feel at the start and end of your day! LACE’s sleepwear section is a goldmine — this simple, lace pj set is perfect for comfort and fun!

For the sophisticated:

  • Try toning down the classic V-day red into something elegant like this Romantic Red Galloon Teddy. A plunging neckline is a great way to feel sexy, whatever your personality or body type!

  • Another great option for a classy Valentine’s is this Lace It Up Teddy in navy blue! The deep colour and detailed lace will have you feeling regal.

For the adventurous:

  • Being adventurous doesn’t have to mean showing more skin. This mesh bodysuit could be a daring choice and is perfect for layering in the winter!

  • If you’re ready for the big leagues and want to try something new, then this Satin Bow Teddy might be just what you’re looking for.

For the trendsetter:

  • Velvet is making its way through the runways and down the high streets. It’s such a luxurious material, so it’s no wonder that it’s enjoying the spotlight right now. Try this Burgundy Velvet Bodysuit or this Merlot Velvet Bra and Panty set for the most indulgent Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had.