The Lowdown on Ottawa’s New Bush Oil Business

Bushbalm, otherwise known as Ottawa’s pubic hair oil company, is recently receiving a lot of praise for their ‘down-there’ hair oil products. Just as you would use beard oil or coconut oil, Bushbalm specializes in their all natural oil-based beauty product for softer hair and skin in the pubic area.

After nearly three months of trying to secure oils in the industry that would produce optimal benefits, Bushbalm’s three Co-Founders, Melodie, Tim and David have now sold over 400 bottles in 8 different countries.

The product’s two most influential oils are Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba. Tea Tree Oil is lauded for its beautiful scent and antibacterial properties, while Jojoba is a substance that closely resembles the oils our skin produces naturally. These ingredients work together with other essentials oils to create the softest, healthiest oil for your sensitive areas.

Besides softening the skin and hair, Bushbalm treats many other common down-there care troubles. The carefully crafted combination of essential oils helps prevent and treat ingrown hairs, redness, and irritation.

Although the name articulates a very specific use for the product – namely, that it is to be used on pubic hairs – many other parts of your body will benefit from its use too! You can use it on the tips of your hairs, your cuticles, your eyebrows, and other areas of your body prone to dryness or sensitivity.

From scented to unscented, this unisex product comes in citrusy, sweet, and woodsy fragrances. When they aren’t busy producing their all natural product, the Bushbalm Team is promoting a healthy conversation about caring for the pubic area. Bushman’s David Gaylord states, “It’s not a crazy idea. Everyone wants soft healthy skin and hair…even down there.” Catch them at the next trade show near you, or email the Bushbalm team at any of the following: