• By: Jennifer Hartley

The Magic of Narnia

If you are looking for a great family night out with a meaningful story this holiday, head to Centrepointe Theatre for 9th Hour Theatre Company’s musical production of Narnia, based on The Lion, The Witch and Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.

Pevensies9th Hour Theatre Company productions explores questions and stories of faith, but it does so without shoving theology down your throat. This production will make you think, but ultimately leave you with a warm feeling in your heart. In fact, it’s a beautiful rendition of the Lewis classic.

The choreography for Narnia is outstanding. There is a lot of movement in the show and even when there are many of the 19 cast members on stage at once, including the White Witch (Gabrielle Lalonde)–who is on stilts the whole time–there is no awkwardness. It all flows effortlessly, including set changes. The battle scenes are cleverly presented and other scenes, including the Stone Table, are effectively dramatic.

One of the wonderthe beaversful characteristics of community theatre is that it brings together arts-loving individuals with a palpable passion for what they are doing. Everyone throws their heart into it. It is fair to say  you get an assortment of talent (not everyone can be Julie Andrews or Sir Laurence Olivier). However, this does not take away from the overall result or the power of the message.

In addition to fantastic choreography and catchy music to go with it, a few other great elements include Tom Charlebois and Maureen Speer, who are delightful as Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. Clara Silcoff is sweet with the right amount of spirit as Lucy Pevensie and Sarah Stapleton, (Lucy’s older sister Susan), has a singing voice that will no doubt take her far. Amanda LeClaire’s White Stag dances beautifully, as do other cast members who acrobatically grace the stage, including the three actors who bring Aslan, the huge lion puppet, to life. (A fourth actor, Mike Heffernan, provides Aslan’s voice).

Everyone of all ages will enjoy Narnia. It runs until December 21 at Centrepointe Theatre. Ticket details at 9th-hour.ca.