• By: Allen Brown

The Most Popular Games In Canada

It’s difficult to become tired of gaming because of the wide variety of genres and styles available. Simple puzzle and adventure games that may be downloaded on your phone, more difficult strategy games, online casino games, and much more are available, both for single-player and multiplayer play. In addition, as the sector grows, developers must devise fresh ideas to satisfy evolving requirements.

Many commercial companies began to support eSports individual players and teams to enable them to earn a solid income from the sport due to the growing popularity of eSports leagues, tournaments, and the players themselves frequently becoming celebrities.

With great financial awards available, online casino games are also growing in popularity in Canada. People usually like taking a chance when the potential reward is thought to be worthwhile.

These are some of the popular games in Canada.

Lightning roulette

Evolution Gaming, a well-known software company, produced the game Lightning Roulette. This is a live casino game that functions a lot like a game show on TV. It features the players as the audience, a massive LED wall, and a host.

Lightning roulette features a single zero pocket, much like European roulette. You can put standard roulette wagers such as betting on a certain number. The payoff is 30 to 1 if you win.

Compared to the 35 to 1 rate that the American and European roulette variants pay, the payoff is somewhat smaller. Nevertheless, there is an additional method of making up to 500 times your stake using lightning roulette.

The game has a very user-friendly UI and excellent streaming quality. The quality of the game does not change when playing on a mobile device. You must place your bets on the number board, which is another feature of the UI.

There is a multiplier of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, or 500x for each highlighted number. Suppose you wagered on number 17 in a straight number wager. If this number was lucky enough to have an x500 multiplier marked on it. On number 17, if the wheel stops spinning, you will receive 500 times your bet.


Over the years, soccer has grown in popularity in Canada. Though the regulations for playing soccer varied in Canada, the fundamental idea of the game remained the same. In October 1876, two local clubs in Toronto played the first-ever soccer match. 

The Canadian women’s soccer team has had a great deal of success on the global scene. The squad made it to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and did exceptionally well in the entire competition.

Clash of Clans

Under the codename “Magic,” Clash of Clans was initially released in Canada in July 2012. August saw the global release of Clash of Clans, which had only been out for a month. It rose to the top of the US earning list in just three months, and it remains there. 

Encouraging social interaction and accessibility for a large user base was one of the top concerns for the game’s developers. There are several advantages to this tactic. To begin with, gamers of all stripes will have a terrific experience, and their engagement rate increases when they share their victories or challenges with friends. Who wouldn’t want to show off their prowess? 

Also, there was a greater likelihood that the game would become viral, and it eventually did. You combine user acquisition with retention from a single move in this game.

Pokémon Go

The game is so well-liked that it’s predicted to overtake Twitter in terms of daily active users shortly. On the other hand, Canadians have been a bit obsessed with the Pokémon Go frenzy. 

To function effectively, Pokémon Go overlays the real world with virtual reality. After creating an avatar, users go about the real world gathering Pokémon by utilizing the gyroscopes and digital cameras in cellphones. 

Pokémon kinds are influenced by terrain; aquatic Pokémon are typically found close to genuine bodies of water. Although its ability to maintain its initial appeal is still to be seen, Pokémon Go has already become a recognized phenomenon. The day following the game’s release, shares of Nintendo, which owns a third of the game increased by 10% due to the game. Others believe that the game might be a turning moment for the firm that created Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Super Mario.


The rise of games and sports in Canada is skyrocketing and with the games listed in this article, you can select the one that you love most which you can play during your leisure time. Popular games in Canada include Lightning Roulette, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Clash of Clans, and Pokémon Go, each offering unique experiences and engaging large audiences, it would be nice to participate in any of these games as these games are on the rise globally. 

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