• By: Marie Waine

The Next Generation of Website Development: QuickSilk

Have you ever tried to build a blog or a website for yourself or your company? At first the sites you’ve always heard of for “easy” website building seem like a good idea. But after 30 minutes of clicking around, you begin to understand the limitations and realize there is very little you can do without some technical help.

Enter QuickSilk: a truly intuitive, simple to use, safe and secure software package for building stunning websites faster and better than anything else out there.

“QuickSilk allows clients to very quickly design, build, manage and analyze the performance of their websites, microsites and e-commerce sites,” says Garry Brownrigg, founder and CEO of QuickSilk.

quicksilk_logo_tm_1600“The majority of people turn to open source software (OSS), such as WordPress, to build websites because they believe OSS is free,” says Brownrigg. “The software itself may be free, but unless you’re a technical person and can write code you have to hire somebody to build the website. Even after the site is built you have ongoing support requirements from a technical developer to modify and add site content and ensure the ongoing ‘health’ of the website; that the plug-ins are up to date and there aren’t compatibility issues.”

In the end, unless you have strong technical skills, you will most likely have to hire someone of Brownrigg’s ability to manage your site.

QuickSilk allows clients to take full control of their websites, without any of the maintenance issues.

“We provide our clients with a very powerful drag and drop content management system,” says Brownrigg. “With this, our clients can take a design template from our library, and modify it and easily design and build the site themselves.”

QuickSilk commissioned studies proving the company can build websites up to 90 per cent faster and with up to 75 per cent lower operating expenses than other website development software.

Garry Brownrigg, founder and CEO of QuickSilk
Garry Brownrigg, founder and CEO of QuickSilk.

“QuickSilk came about because I lost the functional capability to speak for nearly ten years. I was diagnosed with a disorder known as laryngeal dystonia,” says Brownrigg. “At the time I was working for the Royal Bank of Canada and I had to find a way to earn a living so in 2000 I turned to the Internet, taught myself how to code and started developing websites and web applications.”

Between 2000 and 2008 his team built a portfolio of clients who used a variety of open source and commercial content management systems. However, Brownrigg says his clients found the systems difficult to use and they would have security breaches. His clients had to continually go to Brownrigg’s team for ongoing maintenance and support. They could not manage the sites themselves.

“I became frustrated with that process for my clients. QuickSilk was born out of this frustration,” says Brownrigg. “I wanted a better solution for my clients.”

To date, QuickSilk has users in 22 countries and in 14 languages.

Today, QuickSilk is seeking to grow and expand with its next generation website platform through its Indiegogo campaign. The campaign is aimed at small businesses with five or less employees. The goal is to empower them to build a website from start to finish. The money from the campaign will help QuickSilk create more templates for clients to use as a canvas for their web visions.

“What’s most fulfilling to me is that the vision we had 10 years ago is coming to fruition; the very people I built it for are quickly seeing  the value that QuickSilk brings to the table and are moving their sites to QuickSilk,” says Brownrigg.

For more information on QuickSilk, click here. You can also view the Indiegogo campaign and get involved here.