The Ottawa Baby Show: What I Learned, What I Saw, What I Wish I’d Known!

Whether you’re thinking about having a baby, are a first time parent or on your second kid and counting, the Baby Show at the EY Centre offered something for everyone.

You know you’re in the right place when the first thing you see as you step inside the Baby Show is a booth dedicated to offering free massages. Anna Belanger & Associates treated exhausted parents and pregnant women to well deserved massages throughout the weekend, while new moms gathered around booths that offered informative sleep advice by companies such as WeeSleep.

the baby show

Here’s what I learned:

Not all advice is the same. I received very different sleep advice from the three consultants I spoke with at the show. However, if you’re a new mom, being able to find the best qualified person to get your baby on track is priceless. If you’re not able to afford the (sometimes costly) advice, the price to attend the Baby Show is well worth the free 15 minute consultations you can find. After all the advice, I found that what I was doing was just right.

What I saw:

Everything from baby clothing, nursery furniture to more long-term decisions such as setting up an RESP with an institution. Bottom line — you’ll see it all.

What I wish I’d known:

Book your newborn photographer before you have the baby. After touring the show, I was surprised to see all the newborn photographers. I had no idea most were even out there. Don’t make the decision to book a photographer after you have the baby. Most of the time, the photographers are booked in advance and might not have space. There’s also only a short time frame when you can get those perfectly posed shots, so you’ll need to do your research, decide on a photographer and book your session all before that timeline expires. As a new mom, this will be the last thing on your mind, so be sure to plan ahead.

Here are a few of the talented photographers I came across at the Baby Show.

Little Wagon Photography — Located in Kanata, the home studio offers classic shots for newborns and families that will stand the test of time.

Urban Bent Studio — Located in Greely, ON (20 minute drive South of Ottawa) the home studio offers a barnwood backdrop with natural light and unique props (including a merry-go-round horse).

Pure Natural Newborn Photography — Offering birth, belly and baby photography with a wide range of luxury print products that you can personalize and customize.

kathiKathi Robertson Babies — A newcomer to baby photography, Kathi is an award winning photographer and has been featured in Wedding Bells, Chatelaine and Flare Magazine for her wedding photography.

If you missed the Ottawa Baby Show and want to attend, they will be in Toronto on April 2nd and 3rd.