• By: Dan Donovan

The Top 25 People in the Capital Issue: Leadership

This is our 13th Annual Top 25 People in the Capital issue. The list is difficult to compile each year because we get so many suggestions from writers, readers and others across the city who send in names. We have always only numbered the Top 10, the rest being considered first among equals.

This year, there is a common theme in the selections: Leadership. Kevin Page is a leader. He served with distinction as the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) until leaving the job this past spring. Page reported to Parliament directly and fiercely maintained the independence of his office even when he came under severe, misguided and improper criticism from government MPs who wanted him to see the world their way. During his tenure, Page’s financial assertions on all files were always accurate. This alone brought immense credibility to him and the PBO. The reality is Page is the kind of public servant bureaucrats should aspire to be.

Our number two pick is the very bright, likeable and candid Industry Minister, James Moore. He was named to this post after several years as Minister of Canadian Heritage. In that portfolio, he earned the respect of a hard group of people — artists, musicians, writers, curators — pretty well anyone and everyone who are touched in some way by arts funding in Canada. As Industry Minister, Moore has taken a strong and visible stand to bring more competition to the telecom industry in Canada.

Katie Telford is Justin Trudeau’s key advisor. She is wise beyond her years when it comes to politics and is one of the women to watch in Canadian politics. Charles Bordeleau came up through the ranks to earn his spot as Ottawa Police Chief. An Ottawa “boy,” he has wide support in the force and in the community. Bordeleau has not shied away from demanding accountability for his member’s actions. That in and of itself is refreshing, given the serious and growing problem with police misconduct in cities across the country that is changing the way the public view the police. You get a sense with Bordeleau that he will hold his constables to the same high standard he holds himself. That is very good news for Ottawa. Elizabeth Sanderson has spent her career under the radar. However, her work has changed many lives for the better. The Hon. Beverley McLachlin has earned the respect of the entire country 10 times over as Supreme Court Chief Justice and she is still not done. Graham Richardson took over the co-anchor position for CTV Ottawa News in 2010. Following the retirement of long-time anchorman Max Keeping, News at 6 continues to be a ratings leader in Ottawa and the surrounding regions, including west Quebec. Richardson is often called in to anchor the national news for CTV in Toronto – high praise for the Ottawa newsman. Richardson does an immense amount of charitable work outside of the newsroom. He is, by far the city’s favorite news anchor. Kate Malloy is the editor of The Hill Times. For over a decade, she shaped the most influential political newspaper in the country while simultaneously raising the bar for political reporting in Canada. Dr. Manjeet Sethi is the Executive Director of the Pest Management Centre (PMC) at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. He has spent his career making sure we have safe food — thanks. Mike MacDonald is a legend in comedy circles. He almost lost everything until a liver transplant saved his life… and he is laughing again. You get the picture here: ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

This issue focuses in on the exceptionally strong bonds between Canada and Kazakhstan. Both countries are middle powers who punch above their weight.