The Top Apps for Canada

2016 has been a great year of technology in Canada. Over the past months, many new inventions, items, and ideas have been presented and put into production. This has been possible and showcased at various tech shows that have happened this year such as The Cyber Summit, Design Thinkers, and the iTech Conference. These have allowed people to show off what they’ve been working on, create new opportunities and put things into production, with phone apps being a hot topic.

The apps on our phones have continuously been a great help in life. Maps, planners, recipes, fitness support, music, TV, games, alarms clock, translators and more are just some of the great things an app can provide, and if you’re wondering what the future holds, then here’s a few things you may be soon downloading on your device.

Hop is one such app and is great for people who are always planning events. Whether it’s a big party, get together or you are just having some friends or family around, this app allows to create an event and invite who you want. It’s dedication to planning events makes it simpler than using social media and friends don’t need to app to receive the invites.

If you have trouble using your phone, then you won’t get far with any app but Next keyboard can help. Designed for the iPhone, this massively successful Kickstarter project gives you more advanced settings and easier use for your keyboard. It provides quick editing of your words, smart predictive text, easy emojis and a wide ranch of themes to customize things to your liking.

If you have your phone at the ready, then a day out in Canada will be simple with the Stamp App. It acts similar to Yelp but is more flexible. It provides the user with recommendations based on their interests and specific wants, so you can easily find the restaurant, cafe, shop, museum, gallery or whatever is right for you. Experts choose the best locations and you will get the right results and integration with Uber will make getting everywhere easier.

If you are looking for some fun ways to pass the time with your phone, then there are plenty of apps available to the procrastinating Canadian. Running Through the 6 is a fun little platformer where you take control of Drake and collect Woes to the theme of “Know Yourself”. Sago Mini Boats is a great app for kids as they guide Harvey the dog on a sea adventure. For adults, the intensity and excitement can build up slowly as you test your skills at online roulette, having a go at the Lucky Nugget Casino app and possibly winning big.

An app that discourages phone use may seem backwards but that is what Flipd is for. It creates a timed lock screen on your phone that you set, with the only thing you can access being emergency calls and texts. This allows you to handle a constant desire to look at your phone and makes sure you can ignore it during a meal, get together or important function.

These are just some of the great apps Canadians can enjoy, so have a look and see what is worth your download.