The two Glen Fosters are back at it again

ABOVE: Glen R. Foster on the cover of his new album, Not Far Away

Last year was none other than the invasion of the Glen Fosters. Over four years ago, the marvels of the Internet connected veteran singer-songwriter, Glen Foster, with one of Canada’s favourite comedians also named Glen Foster. They collaborated and created the great Canadian hit, Party out There Tonight*. Now Glen Foster, the musician, is releasing a new album, Not Far Away, which included none other than Party out There Tonight and remastered songs from his EP that was released last year.

Foster describes the album as, cathedral rock. “It's a big rock band sound with four-part vocal harmony, keyboards and even strings in some places. Additional instrumentation to give a full embellishment includes saxophone, upright Bass, orchestral harp and a 13-voice choir”.

Out of the nine songs on the album, Foster's favourite is Dusty Roads: Ode To Dusty Rhodes. He explains that it is his favourite because of the, “unique chord structure I composed, and the beautiful instrumentation featuring a Fender Rhodes electric piano, grand piano, my Gretsch White Falcon electric guitar, and a superb female vocal sung by miss Elise Boulanger (a promising young singer). The other thing that makes it so special is that I wrote it about a friend named Dusty Rhodes who is sadly deceased now.”

Party Out There Tonight was the title song from the EP and the first single, which Glen Foster “That Canadian Guy” helped to write. Since its release it has been a Canadian hit, playing on radio stations, programs and the CBC. They have now created a parody of that song to help lighten the moods for those stuck in quarantine. Foster said that the parody was all Glen the Comedian's idea. “It's funny in a way, while lamenting the need to be isolated, wash your hands and 'do the right thing', etc. Then it ends with an authoritative "Stay Home". So it's a positive message from a humorous perspective.”

Not Far Away is available Friday April 24, 2020. Watch Glen's in-home release party on YouTube at 7p.m. or on Facebook at the same time.

Not Far Away by The Glen Foster Group is available on iTunes and Spotify today — April 24, 2020.

*Party Out There Tonight by Glen A. Foster and Glen R. Foster Produced by Glen Foster and Rick Salt for Parent Productions Rescue Records RRCD 2020, All Rights Reserved