• By: Keith Whittier

The Two Travellers

There were two travellers
Who walked along a path one day
The first was a dreamer
The other a capitalist they say

The dreamer watched the rainbow
Where melodious songbirds fly
Their symphony a command performance
A ballet in the sky

The capitalist saw no beauty
Or value along his way
And measured the journey’s worth
Like a banker at his bay

The dreamer filled his diary
With clouds and lilac trees
Each flower a joyful entry
Of butterflies and bees

The capitalist viewed his sojourn
In material wants and needs
While yearning for more possessions
Acquired in selfish greed

Mans lot in life cannot be counted
Or weighed or sold in kind
A dreamer’s gold is in his heart
Where the capitalist’s eyes are blind

By Darryl T. Davies