The Ultimate Travel Guide to Madurai

One of the old and beautiful cities of India, Madurai can prove to be a perfect travelling destination. With its rich cultural heritage and historic significance, this city has a lot to offer to your vacation. So, if you are planning on a visit to Madurai, here are a few notable locations of the city to stop by!

Meenakshi Amman Temple

Meenakshi Amman Temple, with its roots back in the ancient time, is the biggest tourist attraction in the city of Madurai. It perfectly showcases the Tamil culture of the city with its huge architecture of over 30,000 sculptures and one of the largest temple complexes of Tamil Nadu. Said to have been originally built back in the 6th century BC and built and rebuilt a few times,later on, this ancient Hindu temple stands as a splendor with a delightful aura of its own too good to miss.


AlagarKoyil is another one of the landmark locations of Madurai that one needs to visit while here. AlagarKoyil is a small village in the city whose popularity is completely centered around the Kallazhagar Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Bordered by huge granite walls, the temple consists of a five-tiered gateway tower (traditionally addressed as gopuram), two life-sized idols of Narasimha (an avatar of Vishnu), and several other sculptures and an interesting traditional architectural structure. Do stop by this beautiful place and experience the vibe of this historic temple for yourself!

ThirumalaiNayakkar Mahal

Built by King ThirumalaiNayakkar back in 1636 AD the time when he ruled Madurai, ThirumalaiNayakkar Mahal is the ancient palace that served as the residence of the King at the time. Constructed with a blend of two different cultural, architectural styles, this palace remains a charming attraction of the city of Madurai up until this day. All the little beautiful intricate details in the structure that went into the construction add to the ancient royal aura of the whole ambiance of the huge palace. ThirumalaiNayakkar Mahal, hence, is a must-see place that is bound to attract the ancient enthusiast in you!


Madurai sure is a land of beautiful temples! MariammanTeppakulam is one of them. A special aspect of this temple, however, is the fact that it has a huge tank of water for its compound! The view of this temple amidst waters that is said to remain full and intact all year long is delightful. Not to mention, the ‘full of life’ ambiance during the special occasions and festivals making the place an even more eventful and eye-pleasing sight!

Gandhi Memorial Museum

The Gandhi Memorial Museum of Madurai is one of the major significant Gandhi Museums in the country built in his memory years after his assassination in the Freedom Movement. This museum like many other museums dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi houses a collection of significant items related to the legendary man. The particularly interesting ones are a part of his blood-stained clothing he wore when he was assassinated, and some of his original handwritten letters, one of which was addressed to Adolf Hitler! All in all, this museum is a place to stop by to just have a look at some of these significant details from Mahatma Gandhi’s past.

These are however just some of the notable attractions of the beautiful Madurai city that you need to add to your plan while visiting the place. There are a lot more places worth visiting that the citymust offer where you can drop by on your way to experience every part of it! Now that you know a fair amount on what places not to miss during your travel to Madurai think no more and head over to online travel planning portals like Yatra and plan your trip today! Look for cheap flights to India Jet Airways and every other detail you require for a comfortable travelling experience and get your bookings done online. Set out on your pleasant Madurai trip this vacation and make memories worth cherishing for a lifetime!