The Ups-and-Downs of NHL Ops

ABOVE: Snoop Dogg is part of the group led by Neko Sparks bidding for the Ottawa Senators.  (Photo: Courtesy Getty Images)

Lots to pound through this week.

Let’s get right to it.


So then, who you got here?

Reportedly the Ottawa bidding game is down to four groups, led by the following: Michael Andlauer, Steve Apostolopoulos, Jeffrey and Michael Kimel and Neko Sparks. Got that? Good.

This is hardly a primer for you. Not even close. There are people a lot tighter with the gaining-steam situation than this corner that can fill you in with the inside scoop. The long-running soap has been well covered and documented by the local scribes, so a tip of the cap to them.

If you’re an Ottawa fan, all I can suggest is hold tight because the call is coming soon. The other is – hope (pray?) the decision-makers at the league level get it right.

Ottawa needs ownership tuned in to the market, both in Ontario and neighbouring Quebec. This can be a region quick to fluctuate between passion and disinterest (see: Ottawa Lynx). Identifying shifting selling points is optimal.

The team on the ice is on the right track. Attendance-on-average reflects that and was well up this past season after a dismal show at the gate in 2021-22 (from 10,145 to 16,757). The Ottawa area is considered ‘small market,’ so new ownership had better have its ducks in a row as far as hitting all the right chords with a generally hungry hockey market.

I don’t believe there’s much question that the perceived penny-pinching days are over. This bodes well for the organization as a whole. We saw money spent heartily last season on the players. Now the focus should be on operations. That means a deeper, well-stocked scouting staff, both at the amateur and pro levels. Investing more in the coaching staff as well – yes, changes folks – is required. A well-prepared, trustworthy, reputable showrunner in place means potential coaching heavyweights who shied away from Ottawa in previous years (could you blame them?) will have a change of mind.

The next few weeks will see a complete change-of-face in Ottawa. It will be nothing less than intriguing.

That’s a guarantee.


OK, I get it – changes need/needed to be made. No doubt. But this is turning into overkill.

Welcome to . . . The Young and the Restless.

Did Kyle Dubas want to leave or was he forced out? Did his Newser at the end of the Buds season really turn the tide in Brendan Shanahan’s mind? Was Dubas honest? Was Shanahan honest? Was anybody honest? Who really shot Mr. Burns? What’s a Furry, anyway?

Who of the Core Four is heading out? Tavares (unlikely)? Matthews (unlikely)? Nylander (possibly)? Marner (probably)? Who let the dogs out? Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?

In Toronto they no longer tinker, they vaporize.

About time? Yes indeed. 

As legendary crime lord Marlo Stanfield once said: “Do it or don’t but I got someplace to be.”

Well, they’re doing it.


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