The Very Best Summer Games: Indoor, Outdoor and Online

Wondering what the best summer games are? Satiate your appetite with these winners!

Summer is in full swing and folks everywhere are being entertained in zany and unconventional ways. If you think you’ve seen everything, think again. There are myriad summer games that have emerged and they are unique and wildly entertaining at the same time. Imagine taking a handful of tie-dyed T-shirts, soaking them in water and freezing them overnight, only to play a frozen T-shirt game the next day. It’s a battle royale with friends and family to see who is capable of getting kitted out in a frozen T-shirt the quickest. This game is best played on a sweltering summer day with lots of company. And in 30° heat, a frozen T-shirt is the perfect prize.

Make a Splash with a Sponge Launch Context

sponge soaker

And while we’re on the subject of water-related fun, why not consider a water sponge catapult game as your next option. This is something that always gets the kids excited (and the parents too!). This is how it’s done: you take a bucket of ice cold water – it’s always best on hot summer days – and you soak as many sponges as you can find in the water. Then two people stand on either side of the bucket with a slingshot-style catapult and the third person fits a sponge into the centre of the catapult and launches it into the air. You could have opposing teams facing off against one another and see who gets hit by the flying water sponges.

Anyone up for Some Online Summer Fun?

Of course, not everyone wants to spend the summer outdoors in the heat – even if there are water games taking place. Sometimes, it’s nice to kick back, relax and power up your PC, smartphone or tablet and play virtual games. You can make a big ‘splash’ of another kind with terrific online games like Herotopia. This is one of those free-play games where you can manage your own superheroes and decorate them as you see fit. This definitely fits in the zany category of online games and it’s ideally suited to your PC, smartphone, or mobile tablet. Nothing says summer more than dapper superheroes set against a backdrop of a bright yellow sun, blue skies and green lawns.


For the parents, you may be looking for something a little more rewarding perhaps, but equally entertaining. If this sounds attractive to you, why not join a team of winners at one of the hottest UK online bingo sites – Wink Bingo. Now if you’ve never been to a summer-themed online bingo room, you’re in for a big surprise. Check out the cocktails and treats at this online bingo room with promos like the Juicy July extravaganza. Summer is always better at the hottest online gaming sites, and you’ll find gifts galore, friends and more waiting for you when you are ready to register, play and win.  It’s really easy filling up your summer days and nights with summer games. You can play indoors, outdoors, on your mobile, PC or smartphone. It’s always a great idea to mix it up so that you get maximum entertainment value from the sunshine and the moonlight!