• By: OLM Staff

The Weather Inside

The Weather Inside
By Emily Saso

288 pages • ISBN 978-1-988298-00-9

Emily Saso (say-so) writes fiction and screenplays. Her voice, dark humour and style have been compared to Aimee Bender.

In The Weather Inside, it´s summer to Toronto, and the snow is relentless. Too bad no one but Avery can see it. When her husband leaves her to rejoin the Jehovah´s Witnesses, her estranged mother shows up on her doorstep, and the snow –invisible to everyone but Avery- piles up and up and up, Avery is forced to confront her mysterious, dark past. A twisted, darkly funny and redemptive tale, The Weather Inside is “a masterful examination of faith and love” (Bradley Somer).

When Emily began writing The Weather Inside roughly a decade ago, she experienced many setbacks –including getting rejected over 50 times by agents, breaking up with the agent she did eventually land, hammering out countless rewrites, and losing her confidence, her sanity, and even the will to write…before she wised up and wrote the book she always wanted to read. Finding the querying, rejection and rewriting process isolating, she started a blog about those very things –egoburn.blogspot.ca ­– in the hopes of connecting with others like her. Not only did Emily meet kindred spirits, but her blog has served as a candid historical document of her journey en route to publication.

Emily got her MA in international security studies from York University –a degree that comes in handy when she watches Homeland. She briefly tried being a stand-up comic, but found it way too scary.

Emily was awarded an Ontario Arts Council Writers´ Reserve grant and made the longlist for the CBC Short Story contest. She is a dog person, lives in Toronto, loves the smell of underground parking lots, and tweets from @EmilySaso1. The Weather Inside is her first novel.