The Witch’s Broom

One spooky night
In a lonely pumpkin patch
A wicked witch with an evil eye
Cursed her sorry plight
For try as she might
Her broomstick would not fly

Over and over again
The witch sat on her broom
Under the moonlit sky
But try as she might
Even reciting incantations
The broomstick would not comply

The old hag of a witch cursed
And shook her fist in despair
As owls hooted and goblins stared
At the full moon above
And night bats shrieked out
In the frosty night air

It so happened that
On this Halloween eve
The ghost of a man that died
Was haunting earthly souls
When he heard the witch’s cry
And appeared by her side

“I see your broom cannot fly’’
Exclaimed the specter to the hag
“And I think I know why”
For there is not enough straw
In that old broomstick of yours
Too help make it fly

With one fell swoop
This ghost of the night
Gathered into a ball
All the nettles and straw
That could be found
In the pumpkin patch that fall

Before long the old broom
Was restored to form
Amid cackles and gasps
And the old hag of a witch
Flew away on her broomstick
Into the darkness at last.

By Darryl T Davies