Theatre Festivals in Full Swing

You don’t need to hit Stratford or Shaw this summer to catch some great shows.  Head to the Downtown Rideau festival. The Fling spans 45 days with 65 performances in 10 shows at 7 venues with a selection of comedy, drama, dance improv and music. It may be half over, but there is still a lot to see between now and when it ends on August 27. For example, you can catch the Irish playwright Hugh Leonard’s farce The Patrick Pearse Motel which highlights this year’s Fringe Festival (and also includes Roller Derby Saved My Soul and Playing for Advantage).  If you missed Fringe, you can still brush up on new and local talent.  Check out all the Summer Fling details at There is a lot going on.

In Perth, the Classic Theatre Festival opened, which features Jan de Hartog’s comedy The Fourposter. This show follows the couple from their nervous wedding night, through to childbirth and parenting, to their mid-life crisis, and the final realities of aging. It is one of those rare plays that combines charm, depth of character, dramatic tension, and comic relief in a manner that makes audiences feel good about the promises of love, and the possibilities of life. First staged on Broadway in 1951 (starring real-life couple, Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy), The Fourposter deals with issues that couples from all walks of life still face today as they age together.  For more details, check out

As I mentioned in my last blog, I was hoping to get to Montreal to hit the Osheaga Music Festival (  I did make it and it was definitely worth it. I managed to catch Eminem and I have to say, the guy is a rapping genius. He was brilliant. (Check out 60 Minutes’ profile on Eminem with Anderson Cooper, One amazing surprise of the festival was high funkstress Janelle Monáe, who was absolutely fantastic!  Next year, if you get the chance, take advantage of Montreal’s proximity and catch Osheaga.  It lived up to every expectation, even Mother Nature held the rain off until the end of the shows.

Next, it’s off to the see some local talent at Summer Fling. ( Stay tuned…