There is a Great Cause And a Message Behind Never Give Up Clothing

Across Canada, there are tens of thousands of people with disabilities who have lost their ability to walk due to a spinal cord injury. For anybody who has suffered through this life-changing experience, there is so much change to adapt to. Although we may think of the obvious things that make life difficult for a person confined to a wheelchair, many things go unrecognized. One of them is clothing.

A paraplegic, quadriplegic, or lifelong wheelchair user cannot wear the same clothing that can be bought off the shelf at your local clothing store. The seams in these clothes and the fastenings that hold the fabric together may be too textured, putting pressure on areas without sensation. When this rubs against the skin for a long time, it can cause sores, commonly called bed sores, a serious condition that can lead to sepsis, which can take years to recover from.

Travis Iver knows this all too well. As a person with a disability, finding suitable clothing has been a struggle since he suffered a spinal injury that left him paralyzed from the neck down. At one point, bed sores left him in bed for four years while he patiently waited for it to heal.

He knows the disappointment of not finding clothing that fits well, recalling when he bought a suit for a friend’s milestone birthday. He says, “I was super excited, only to be shattered the next morning when it didn’t fit anywhere.”

Although life is different for Iver, he hasn’t slowed down. Using eye-tracking software, he wrote down the details of the clothing he wanted to make, showing it to his business coach, who thought the project was a great idea. What he didn’t know was that Iver’s ambition was not just a t-shirt design; it was for a full clothing line.

Iver presented his proposal to Algonquin College’s Applied Research & Innovation Project — a contest that included more than 30 proposals — and won. As a businessperson, entrepreneur, and clothing designer, Iver and Iver Fashion have a mission to help people with spinal injuries look and feel good at a low cost and, if possible, for free.

He also hopes to be able to help people with disabilities and spinal injuries transition from the hospital to their new life at home, an undertaking that can be extremely expensive for anybody, especially for single-parent households like Ivers.

Iver credits family friends with helping cover the cost — which he describes as astronomical — and says he’d like to do for others what was done for him and his family when he first came home from the hospital. Iver also hopes to start a charity to assist single-parent families whose children have suffered from spinal cord injuries.

Iver Fashion’s highly successful recent line of apparel, called Cardinal – Never Give Up, showcases a brilliant crimson cardinal next to the words “Never Give Up” — a phrase that Iver can relate to personally. Although the line is no longer taking pre-orders, snapback hats and enamel cardinal pins can still be ordered online.

Iver is currently focused on his next line, “Life is Beautiful,” which speaks volumes of his resolve. The idea came to him after he experienced a burn on his pinky finger, resulting in a partial amputation. He says that even after enduring trauma, he can still look around him and recognize that life is beautiful.

The Life is Beautiful line will focus on landscapes as design elements, and Iver hopes to inspire people with his positive messaging.

To get a hat or pin from the Never Give Up campaign, visit Also, check back for the launch of Iver’s next line.

After seeing photos of Travis and the Never Give Up line, one thing is sure: it will look sharp!

Photos: Sean Sisk Photography