Thirteen Strings Return with The Season’s Favourite Candlelight Concert

Tuesday, December 5th, promises to be an evening of pure enchantment at the Carleton-Dominion Chalmers Centre. The space will be aglow with candles, transforming into a haven for holiday revelry as Mireille Asselin, Kevin Mallon, and Thirteen Strings prepare to weave a musical tapestry that transcends time.

The illustrious soprano, Mireille Asselin, heralded as “a treasure” by the Toronto Star, will lend her crystalline voice to an eclectic repertoire. Asselin’s Ottawa roots infuse the night with a touch of hometown warmth, ensuring the performance is not just a concert but a celebration of musical homecoming.

Thirteen Strings, led by the maestro Kevin Mallon, will embark on a journey through a rich and varied program. The arrangements range from the jubilant Hodie Christus natus est by Andrea Gabrieli, transformed for strings, to the pastoral beauty of Francesco Manfredini’s Concerto, op. 3 no. 12 in C major. The ethereal strains of Antonio Vivaldi’s Motet for soprano and strings, featuring Asselin, will resonate through the venue, adding another layer of depth to the musical odyssey.

Healey Willan’s Hodie: Christus Natus Est, reimagined for strings, is a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation that will define the evening. The program crescendo with Gerald Finzi’s Christmas Cantata for Soprano and Strings, Dies Natalis, promises a climax that encapsulates the very essence of the holiday season.

The audience will be immersed in the Cantata’s enchanting melodies and be further captivated by the delicate strains of Francis Poulenc’s Gregorian chant, intricately arranged for strings. The night will also feature three carols, two of which invite the audience to participate, creating a sense of communal joy and connection.

The candlelit ambience of the Carleton-Dominion Chalmers Centre will heighten the intimacy of the experience — shadows flickering as the musicians take their places. The fusion of sight and sound will transform the concert into a sensory spectacle, inviting the audience to not just hear the music but to feel it.

Why should one seize the chance to be in the audience on December 5th? The answer lies in the diversity of the program—a musical kaleidoscope that spans centuries and genres. From the Renaissance echoes of Gabrieli to the Baroque splendour of Vivaldi and Manfredini, the evening promises a journey through the ages.

On December 5th, as the clock strikes 7:30 pm, step into the Carleton-Dominion Chalmers Centre and get ready to let the glow of candles and the harmonies of Mireille Asselin, Kevin Mallon, and Thirteen Strings envelop you in a cocoon of holiday magic.

This is not merely a concert; it’s a kaleidoscopic journey through the ages, where the timeless beauty of music converges with the ephemeral joys of the season. Ottawa Life Magazine will be giving away tickets for this unique opportunity, follow us on Twitter @ottawalifers for more information.

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