• By: Allen Brown

This Company Takes Security Camera Installation Quality to the Whole New Level

Over the last few years a number of factors made security cameras an increasingly more popular products. The advancement of technology has made security cameras more affordable, accessible, and user-friendly. With the availability of high-resolution cameras that can be viewed remotely on your phone or laptop, more and more property owners see the benefits of security cameras in various settings – homes, office buildings, cottages and more. 

People want to protect their properties, loved ones, and belongings, and security cameras provide a sense of peace of mind and an extra layer of protection. 

However, not all security cameras are born equal. There is a big gap between professional security camera equipment and installation services vs the DIY cameras offered in online or in retail chains. 

Enterprise-grade security cameras can be used for commercial and residential properties to get the top-notch quality. But except for equipment, there other ingredients needed for a quality security camera setup. This company has their approach to share. 

Three Ingredients of Quality

“If you are serious about quality of your surveillance system, you should choose a security camera installation company that puts an extra emphasis on quality” says Alex B. of Citadel, a company specialized in commercial & residential Network Cable & Security Camera Installations.

To deliver the quality we consider so many things. All our efforts can be summarized as three main ingredients: quality planning, top-notch workmanship and warranty.

You can’t go wrong with this. If you have a quality planning process, you train your team and truly invest in every team member you will deliver a solution that you can stand behind. And this is where our warranty comes in. We know our equipment; we know our process so we are comfortable supporting our quality with guarantees. 

Ask you security camera installation team what is their process and ingredients of success.”

Nothing Beats Professional

Same goes for quality equipment. 

“We all know that there is an added benefit that comes with professional tools and equipment. While the plug-and-play WiFi cameras, might be a temporary solution, they often can not match the quality that comes with professional equipment and professional technicians who set it up. At Citadel we put so much effort into careful planning, set up, and testing of every installation we do. All these efforts are combined with enterprise-grade equipment to truly deliver the top-notch solution our clients expect.

In most cases, professional security cameras offer several advantages over the plug-and-play options. They are often designed to provide higher quality images and video footage. They typically have higher-resolution capabilities, allowing for clear and more detailed visuals, which can be crucial in identifying key details. 

In addition, professional security cameras often come with advanced features such as night vision, motion detection, or pan-tilt-zoom functions. These features enhance the overall effectiveness of the system by providing the ability to get more extensive monitoring.

Professional cameras are usually wired, which means that you won’t have to deal with problems like dead batteries.

Moreover, many professional security cameras can withstand various environmental conditions, including extreme weather or vandalism attempts. They are often sturdier and more durable compared to consumer-grade cameras or DIY setups. 

Plus, professional security cameras usually offer comprehensive integration options with other security devices such as access control systems. This integration allows for a more seamless and centralized approach to managing security within a property, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Before you decide what security camera system is right for your property, talk to professionals as they can advise on the best options and security camera types, network cabling and other elements needed to achieve your objectives.

Citadel is a security camera installation and network cabling company. Citadel offers a number of services, including network cabling, security camera installations, access point installation, access control systems, network planning, installation and more. Citadel works with commercial and residential clients.