• By: Dan Donovan

This Ottawa Food Writer is Putting the Capital’s Hospitality Scene on the Map

Jordan Pizzuti is passionate about the hospitality industry, so much so that he’s devoted his life to exploring it locally and internationally. Pizzuti’s objectives are simple: see more of the world and eat more food! He wants to connect people with the culinary universe and the amazing people behind it, no matter where that might be. However, an additional goal recently emerged: Putting Ottawa on the map.

Pizzuti has devoted much of his career to exploring Ottawa’s food scene, highlighting its abundant ethnic variety and range of fare, from quick and easy to Michelin-star-worthy restaurants. He believes that Ottawa is an untapped culinary tourism destination.

“This city is the hidden food gem of the country!” says Pizzuti. “We don’t have the luxury of being a Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal, where everything you’re looking for greets you when you step outside. In Ottawa, you need to look for what you want, but it is absolutely here.”

According to Pizzuti, the capital’s reputation as a boring government town — The City Fun Forgot — penned over four decades ago is old news and is off target.

“What separates Ottawa from so many other places is that we have the culinary range of Canada’s larger cities, but we also have this feeling of home, a sense that everywhere you go, you will certainly see someone you know, which is incredible for a city of a million people.” Pizzuti’s articles capture the talent and commitment of hospitality professionals and demonstrate the culinary range in Ottawa.

For a small capital, Ottawa’s hospitality scene has some incredible choices, with new and unique options popping up all the time. “From multi-course tasting menus to cash-only sandwiches, the city has exceptional food offerings,” says Pizzuti.

Pizzuti thinks it would be great if everyone living here posted their experiences at Ottawa’s fantastic restaurants and bars on social media. “The combined effort will really boost the National Capital’s reputation as a culinary tourism destination.” Pizzuti says, “All you have to do is go out for dinner, try a new restaurant or an old favourite you love, and post about it to create more exposure for that business.” He calls it the tell two friends, and they tell two friends effect!

Pizzuti is open to highlighting as many outstanding food experiences in the city as he can. If you know a restaurant that deserves more exposure reach out on Instagram @pizzuti22 with your suggestion or contact Pizzuti through his website, jordanpizzuti.com.

In the meantime, read more of Pizzuti’s food adventure via his OLM author profile page and bon appétit!