This Will Floor You

“Hi, I’m Shelley Alexanian”… ha ha.

Some of you may recognize me from TV as the Alexanian Carpet and Flooring spokesperson.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not in fact more than five feet tall. I am a mother of three, proud wife, and I enjoy a healthy style of living… although who doesn’t love some good Italian vino.

My love for travel has given me the opportunity to explore a wide range of different designs; from tantalizing textiles in London to fabulous furniture in Miami. Dare I say that these are two of my favourite destinations?

I like to embrace healthful indulgences such as frequent workouts, any adventurous challenge that comes my way, and enjoying life’s pleasures with those surrounding me. Not to mention a little shopping and dining which is always a good thing.

On my blog you will find various design tips by me, a peek at my lifestyle, and everything that goes with it!

“The home is alive. It’s constantly evolving and never finished” – Rosita Missoni

I am just back from The International Surface Event, and they are right on the cutting edge of flooring. New products and inspiring trends are endless. I was in my element! And what a great opportunity to see every carpet imaginable, especially as I am searching for unique and luxurious finds for my new Signature Collection.

Knots of pure soft wool blended with a richness that feels amazing. These are not just appealing to my Interior designers but to everyday clients as well. Wool is my preferred material; it’s an entirely renewable resource. It is soft and hardwearing, and most importantly I have personally spent endless hours with carpet suppliers and designers to introduce these luxurious options at tremendous value.

Also on the carpet scene is a great deal of texture and pattern, creating unique graphic
elements for the floor. Stripes, floral, and distinct designs are strongly coming into play this year. Speaking of seriously covetable patterned carpet, I am also thrilled to see so many animal prints. Leopard and Zebra are part of a traditional landscape for carpet and rugs. They present an exotic look and have just the right amount of pattern to make any room fabulous. And indeed, these do layer beautifully with all of the fabrics I mention throughout my blog

Last but not least, another exciting addition to Alexanian that I could not leave behind is the full line of Missoni carpets. Missoni is a legacy in luxury with captivating contemporary designs, with unusual and simple shapes for sophisticated settings. The colours are so bright and bold. Talk about a wow factor. And any of our selections can be customized to size in house with a ton of binding and finishing options for an area rug.

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