• By: Dan Donovan

Three Canadian Universities Receive an “F” on Antisemitism Report Card

The Abraham Global Peace Initiative (AGPI) has published a comprehensive report card on antisemitism at Canadian universities. Of the fifty-two universities evaluated, York University, University of Toronto and Concordia received a failing grade, while twenty-three earned an “A.”

Five universities found themselves in the “D” range, with twelve falling within the C category. Ten universities achieved a “B+” or lower grade.

The study, conducted by AGPI’s education team under the supervision of Dr. Neil Orlowsky, who holds two PhDs in social justice and education, aims to examine the impact and implications of the rise of antisemitism, anti-Zionism, and anti-Jewish hate on university and college campuses in Canada. “It is not exhaustive by any means, and we recognize its imperfections. It is a snapshot that undoubtedly will change over time, and we are open to making adjustments. However, it provides a valuable tool to understand the growing strain of antisemitism on campuses, especially since October 7th, 2023,” said Orlowsky.

The 58-page document contains ten pages of open-source references, an 8-point reflective model for educators to help them combat antisemitism, and report card criteria, including six grading and evaluation indicators that helped AGPI educators assign grades.

“Our hope is that this tool will assist institutions like York University, the University of Toronto, and Concordia University—all three of which received a failing grade. We aim to help them improve the campus environment for their students and faculty by offering this reflective model to assist them in enhancing their institutions,” said AGPI’s Founder and CEO, Avi Abraham Benlolo.

An AGPI statement released with the report said, “AGPI remains dedicated to monitoring and promoting peace and tolerance within academic institutions. We produce thoughtful reports and articles for the public interest. This report serves as a valuable tool to encourage continuous improvement in creating safe and inclusive spaces for all students.”

For more information on the report or AGPI’s initiatives, visit www.agpiworld.com