Through extreme sports, In the Air Legacy is building community!

Rock music plays in the background as knives slice through the air and make contact with the wooden targets. Cheers erupt from the group of throwers who examine the checkered slabs as precisely as possible to determine the score. They are members of In the Air Legacy’s Knife Guild.

In the Air Legacy, Ottawa’s knife and axe-throwing venue, was founded by CEO and Owner Morph in 2014. Morph used, a social media platform for organizing gatherings, to create In the Air, a group of people who met to practice their knife-throwing skills. The group became larger as time went on, inspiring Morph to create what is now known as, In the Air Legacy.

Morph spent time perfecting and studying his hobby-turned-craft so that he could teach everyone that walked through his doors. The adrenaline-filled venue started as a knife-throwing guild and went on to add axe-throwing, the popular and related sport, to their repertoire.

ABOVE: CEO and owner of In the Air Legacy, Morph.

“We get people throwing to have a life experience that they haven’t had before. When we do the coaching, we tell people that no matter how they do, anyone can win. It is a gorgeous feeling to see people improve,” said Morph.

Unlike many knife and axe-throwing outfits, In the Air Legacy does not have any chicken wire or fencing between the target ranges. Everyone is coached by a staff member when they begin to ensure the safety of themselves and others. Since In the Air first opened, they have had zero injuries. Equipment of the highest standards is used to throw, including the knives which were designed by the same person who designed knives used in the making of Rambo, Star Trek, and The Expendables.

During the pandemic, Morph needed to pivot his business to accommodate the changing restrictions. He included a BB gun shooting range and a smash room named the smaShit room, which were well-received by the public. Introducing these attractions was also a part of Morph’s desire to make In the Air Legacy an even more inclusive and family-friendly place.

ABOVE: Ottawa’s knife and axe-throwing location, In the Air Legacy, is a fun place to practice or compete while making new friends. 

People from all ages and backgrounds are welcome to come inside, put their daily frustrations aside, and try a new skill. “We are all here to protect everyone and their values. We have people coming in with confidence issues, anxieties, and mobility issues. We get them throwing, having fun, and gaining confidence,” said Morph.

This sense of togetherness is echoed throughout the entire business, especially where it all started, the Knife Guild. Every week the guild gathers at In the Air Legacy to practice and compete against each other. Members advance through a tier system of levels. Spectators are encouraged to watch and grab a drink from the bar. The group has become so close that they spend time together outside the guild.

“They help each other move. They go to karaoke together. Being a guild member means you are a part of a community. The game is second to the community aspect,” said Morph.

The guild is comprised of an even mix of men and women. Promoting diversity in the sport has always been important to Morph, who ensured that the chant that the guild says before they compete does not include non-inclusive language and pronouns.

What makes In the Air Legacy even more accessible is its affordability. Morph has not raised its prices since 2017. He has also created several packages for groups to enjoy and gain the full experience. He hopes to expand his business to other cities across Canada, like Calgary, Vancouver, and London, building an even bigger community of knife and axe-throwing enthusiasts.

Anyone interested in trying the sport is welcome to walk in on any day and be coached. Several group packages incorporate many of the attractions offered, and there is also the option of private access to the facilities for parties, group celebrations, or work events.

For a fun night out, take a stab at knife or axe throwing at In The Air Guild — you just might make some new friends too!

You can find In The Air Legacy at 940 Bank Street in Ottawa or visit them online at

Photos: Courtesy In the Air Legacy