• By: OLM Staff

Tibi Hegyesi Extracting Beauty

With a colourful palette in his mind’s eye and a creativity ready to burst, Toronto-based artist Tibi Hegyesi captures life’s beauty on his canvas.

TibiTibi’s artistic career began over 25 years ago, in Bucharest Romania. “Back then, there was a stimulating art movement surrounding our everyday life. We were studying and creating art during the day and arguing about it late into the morning hours. We would gather in art galleries and theatres and surround ourselves with fellow artists, actors and musicians. Creativity was very much alive and we were motivated to continuously push forward the boundaries of art.

Tibi moved to Toronto in 1988 and had to put his art aside, although not out-ofthe- way, and was a practicing designer and a branding strategist until 2005 when he decided to follow his life long dream of being a full time visual artist, once more. Soon after, he re-emerged on the world art scene as a mature artist whose distinctiveness lies in his ability to capture and translate the essence of the world around him into unique and powerful imageries through a visual language that’s truly of his own.

Tibi is seeking to capture in his art the essence of the beauty that surrounds our everyday lives. His works are exhibiting a deep affinity for the exploration of a wide range of themes where matter is reduced to elemental so that each finalized image is pure and essential. Tibi’s paintings appear to be on the verge of growing and moving, in fact continuously acquiring new life. He is set to create truthful and genuine art that works on a number of visual and emotional levels where simplicity becomes the ultimate sophistication.

Tibi’s art is in private collections and art galleries in Toronto and soon in Ottawa and New York. For more information visit his web site at: www.tibi.ca .

Landscapes-Fused Acrylic TCC 48x48in - 120x120cm  satin black aluminum frame  2009

Florals-Fused Acrylic G111B 40x40in - 100x100cm  satin black aluminum frame 2009

 Landscapes-Fused Acrylic L105 48x48in - 120x120cm  satin black aluminum frame  2009