Time-saving cooking tips for healthy meals

Between work, family commitments and taking time to relax from it all, it can be hard to find the time to cook healthy meals. But don't reach for the takeout flyer just yet — use these simple tips to prepare wholesome dishes in no time.

  1. Chop extra fruit and vegetables. Weeknight dinners may be your most stressful time crunch, or perhaps your crunch happens on a weekend when you have many activities happening. Chances are that you have at least one day a week to do a little bit of extra prep that can help you when you're at your busiest. Chopping extra produce will give you healthy additions to lunches, snacks and meals that you can use later in the week when you're pressed for time.
  2. Cook on the weekend with family and friends. Make and then freeze meals for the upcoming week. Choose meals that make for delicious leftovers, like soups, stews, curries, casseroles, pasta dishes, and chili. These will come in handy on busy weeknights.
  3. Try using a slow cooker. A slow cooker is a great way to get an easy, healthy meal on the table at the end of a long day at school or work.