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Timeless Elegance

Home decor and trending styles, like all good things, regardless of their initial appeal, eventually come to an end. Fads such as colours, shapes, fabrics and textures have a very finite existence.  Luckily, home decor has a much longer shelf life than your average seasonal runway collection; however, this does not mean that we can neglect our interior spaces.  So, if you are not up on the latest fashion trends, how do you achieve that element of timeless elegance?  Fortunately, timeless design is a relatively easy one to achieve.

Top 5 Considerations for Achieving Timeless Elegance:

5 – Consider a neutral palate rather than a trending colour and add classic colours such as grey, navy, black and dark brown to compliment the neutrals.  We recommend colours that resemble bamboo, linen, sage, wicker and hemp to name a few.

4 – Emphasize clean lines and your home’s natural architectural elements.  We recommend working with the quirky features that you might initially turn a cold shoulder on since, with a little research, these misunderstood features can become your masterpiece.  Working with the originally intended style extend the life of the design.

3 – Invest in one dramatic piece that will really add a wow factor to your space.  This will become the focal point and all other selections should compliment it’s existence.

2 – Use contrasting neutral colours and stay away from trending palates. Timeless elegance is portrayed through a small collection of unique elements that usually have a history or will stand the test of time.

1 – Incorporate native elements into your home such as rapidly reclaimed wood, indigenous or manmade stone and rapidly renewable natural fibres.  By selecting enduring elements as your focal points, you naturally incorporate longevity as the items are a permanent component of the natural environment exempt from trending fads. Just take a look outside, when you recollect do varying images come to mind representing stone, wood or natural fibres?  Not likely.





Be sure to watch for our feature article that will feature the transformation of the space illustrated above.  It’s a goodie with lots of DesignerDIY how to {and how not to} moments.  Plus, you’ll get to see the space fully decorated.

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