• By: OLM Staff

Timeout with Brett Eldredge

WATCH ABOVE: Timeout with the Twins had the pleasure of chatting with Brett Eldredge on July 8th before his RBC Bluesfest debut. Watch for never-before-heard stories about Eldredge’s relationship with his brother, “the island guitar,” and how his first single “Raymond” was inspired by working through his feelings about his grandmother’s Alzheimer’s. 

Spend two minutes creepin’ through Brett Eldredge’s Instagram and you’ll learn without a doubt the country music icon immeasurably values his fans, his family and having fun.

In the ten minutes we spent chatting with Eldredge, we learned his dedication to genuinely connecting with his fans comes from a place of humble gratitude; he would not be able to do what he loves and share himself with people if he didn’t have fans supporting him.

He celebrates love for his family in many of his songs because Eldredge strives to write honestly from his heart and hopes his tracks resonate with people who can relate to his words.

His desire to “keep life weird” is Eldredge’s way of reminding himself to take a step back from the routine of touring and monotony of travelling from place to place in order to wholly appreciate that he is living out his dream, which he has worked very hard to earn.

About his song writing process Eldredge shares that through writing his first single “Raymond” he discovered that for him the key to producing authentic music was drawing out honest emotions and experiences and sharing them with people through his music.

Eldredge says, “When I figured out to be honest with the music that’s when I really started to figure out this is how I connect with people. This is what I was born to do.”

For more from Eldredge, watch our video interview above, which includes a fill-in-the-blanks style re-write of his current hit “Love Someone.”

Photo: Nick Reynolds, nixaov