• By: Allen Brown

Tips for Men looking for a New Perfume to wear

Are you tired of wearing the same perfume for years? Don’t let the overwhelming variety on the market discourage you from finding a new fragrance. Every year, there are countless new options introduced in the industry, in a market which generates over $50 billion globally. If you’re looking for something unique and personalized, here are some helpful tips to guide you in your search for the perfect perfume.

Select a Designer Scent at a Lesser Price

With inflation o the rise for the past two years, trying to find bargains on our purchases seems like a smart idea. What you might not be aware of is that there is a way to save up to 90% on perfume for men that is just as good as well-known designer brands. This is all thanks to Dossier, a fragrance manufacturer that creates scents similar to those already available on the market, but at a much lower price.

How are they able to reduce the cost so significantly? It’s not by sacrificing quality. In fact, Dossier sources their ingredients from Grasse, the perfume capital of the South of France. The difference lies in their marketing budget and packaging design. Unlike popular international brands, Dossier spends much less on advertising and uses simple, uniform packaging for all their perfumes. This allows them to pass on their savings directly to their customers.

Test Many Perfumes Before Selecting One

With perfumes being generally expensive, unlike Dossier’s affordable options, it’s important to choose a scent carefully if you’re going to invest in one from the many options available on shelves. Perfume is not something that should be taken lightly, as it is the aroma that will be associated with you by many people. It will also linger throughout your day, so selecting a scent that becomes bothersome would mean leaving it untouched somewhere in your home forever.

Next time you visit a shopping center with perfume options, challenge yourself to find two scents that catch your attention with their first notes. These are the fragrances that will hit your senses as soon as you spray them on a blotter for the first few minutes. After making your initial choices, spray one on each wrist and make sure to remember which is which. Then, continue with your day, visiting different stores and experiencing various scents. Hours later, if one of the perfumes still stands out to you, take note of it on your phone. When you’re ready to decide on a scent, repeat the same process with the ones on your list and ultimately choose your favorite.

Opting for a Dossier fragrance means you’ll likely have enough funds to purchase multiple scents, which is a major perk. And if time permits, it’s worth taking our suggested test before making a definitive choice. You’ll thank yourself in the end.