Tips to Defrost your Windshield

Winter is a beautiful time of year, it's time for skis, snowboards and warm beverages! Only, It’s Monday at 7 AM and it’s -20 C outside. You were already running behind when you realized that there was a thin layer of frost on your windshield and now in addition to your commute you need to defrost that icy windshield of yours as quick as possible. The last thing you want to do is get on the snowy road late and suffer through even worse rush hour than usual. Your mind is racing as you run back into the house trying to think of the fastest way to remove the frost so you can get on the road and drive safely.

Into the kitchen you go to grab a bucket of warm water to pour on the windshield. Mistake. As you are pouring the bucket of water and using the windshield wipers to move the sheets of semi-frozen ice off the front of the car you hear it. “Crack!” And your windshield will never be the same again.


By pouring warm water on your freezing cold windshield you ended up with a large crack down the side of it. Although it made mild sense in the heat of the moment, only after a second of reflection you realize why it was such a bad idea. Sound familiar? This scenario happens all the time in freezing cold temperatures around the world… So, to help all those icy commuters out there we’ve dedicated this article to some of the best ways to defrost your windshield!

Time-Saving Methods

For those who barely have enough time in the morning to get ready, let alone to defrost your front and rear windshields, here a few of the quickest ways to clear your windshield and get on the road safely.

A great way to defrost your windshield is to apply a Rubbing Alcohol & Water mixture to the frosted areas and melt the frost off using chemistry! To create the mixture, you take 2 parts alcohol and 1 part water and mix it into a spray bottle. Shake the mixture and spray it on the freezing surface of your windshield. Once applied, the mixture interacts with the frost on your car and loosens up the ice. How does it work, you ask? Well, because alcohol has a freezing temperature of -138 degrees F it won’t freeze when applied to your windshield. What's more, because of both alcohol and water's polar nature and their h-bonds the mixture bonds with the frozen water on your windshield and reduces its freezing temperature too. This is why spraying this mixture on frosty surfaces will make it much easier to warm up and clear off your windshield in a fraction of the time and with no risk to your windshield.

What’s more, this winter popularized this method all across North America so you can see an easy to follow demo online on Youtube!

However, if you're all out of rubbing alcohol, or don't have access to it, the tried and true method will always be to simply use a scraper. Although it is more time consuming and if it’s brutally cold out this method often results in icy fingers and crispy frozen faces, it is always a good idea to keep an ice scraper in the car just in case! To speed up the work, turn your car's defroster up to full blast and really give er!

For those with a few extra minutes in the morning. (or some foresight)

Set it and forget it. A great way to warm up your vehicle and to take care of some of that morning frost is to turn it on a few minutes earlier than you intend to leave and crank the heat while you get ready to go. Make sure to turn on the defroster setting for maximum efficiency. The warmth from the car will help loosen up the frosty surface of your windshield, ensuring an easier defrost when it’s time to drive. Once loosened up you can use your windshield wipers to finish the job. Or, for those extra cold mornings doing this will at least make scraping a breeze.

If you made the mistake of cracking or chipping a windshield while getting creative with your defrost methods… Or, if you simply need a windshield repair or replacement go to one of the garages Go! Glass & Accessories and speak with a technician before it gets any worse!