• By: Allen Brown

Tips to Keep Your Customized Hoodies from Fading

Nobody likes their hoodie losing its original color after discoloration due to the scorching sun. But we rarely focus on proper care of our apparel to ensure they maintain their original allure. By prioritizing care techniques, such as washing in cold water and avoiding harsh detergents, your custom hoodie Toronto can retain its vibrant colors and impeccable quality.

That said, let’s explore these and other tips you can use to prevent hoodie fading. 

1. Hang It Inside Out 

UV rays from the sun are destructive to the color and fabric of your hoodies. So, you should hang your clothing inside out to prevent the impact of the rays on your apparel. Apart from that, ensure the hanging line doesn’t cross the print because it can weaken the embroidery strings or the paint. 

2. Use Cold Water 

We all like washing our clothes with warm water, especially in the chilling weather during winter. While this can seem like a good thing, each washing means slight bleaching on your custom hoodies. On the other hand, cold water is gentle on your clothes and prevents print peel-off. 

3. Sort Your Clothes 

To avoid discoloration and loss of original color, it is advisable to sort your clothes according to their colors and textures. If you mix different colors and fabrics, you are likely to end up with varying shades of what you had put in the washing machine. Besides, it is difficult to select a setting that fits different colors and fabrics without over-washing or under-washing others. 

4. Use Mild Detergents 

Chlorine bleaches are known to discolor apparel because of the strong chemicals used to make them. So, you should check the manufacturer’s guidelines before using a detergent to wash your custom hoodies. If you have to use a detergent, ensure it is mild and gentle to the fabric of your hoodie. 

5. Hang for a Short Time 

Exposing your clothes to the sun leads to fading and cracking of the prints. So, you should unhang them the moment they are dry. If you have to leave your apparel hanging for days, ensure they are under a shade. 

6. Regulate ironing Temperature 

Do you take the time to check the ironing guidelines on your hoodies, or do you use guesswork to set the temperatures? To keep your custom hoodies in good condition, follow the iron guidelines on the label attached to the apparel. Most iron boxes also have markings of the right knob turn for different fabrics. 

7. Give Your Attire a Break 

This is definitely not a piece of welcome advice when dealing with your favorite hoodie. But if you want to give it a long life, it is advisable to reduce the frequency of wearing custom hoodies. Consequently, you reduce the number of washes for the apparel because each wash means weaker color and prints, although it might not be visible. 


If you want your hoodies to have a longer life, you should take the necessary measures to prevent fading. Some of the primary fading agents are UV rays from the sun, high ironing temperatures, strong bleaches, and hot water. So, you should avoid these damaging factors and follow the recommended care instructions to maintain the quality of your custom hoodies.