Together for a shared future, under the Olympic banner

— Join Hands for a Brilliant Beijing Winter Games 2022

By Cong Peiwu, Ambassador of China to Canada

Not long ago, the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics came to a close. The athletes of China, Canada, and every other nation showed the world a series of amazing images and emotional moments. Meanwhile, the Olympic motto has experienced its first change in over 100 years. The new version, "Faster, Higher, Stronger… Together," will ensure that the Olympic spirit continues to be shared and appreciated everywhere. Now, the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games has rekindled our expectations and excitement for the upcoming Beijing Winter Games with the September 17 unveiling of the official motto for 2022: "Together for a Shared Future."

Next stop, Beijing!

Together for a Shared Future: This will be an opportunity to show the world how China is stepping up as a leader and contributor. It is another chance for China to give back to the Olympic movement. As the COVID-19 epidemic swept around the globe, China was one of the first countries to control the spread and kickstart the economic recovery. This was an important first plank in the foundation for the Beijing Winter Games. Back when Beijing won the bid to host the games, IOC President Thomas Bach said, "It really is a safe choice." Since then, China has demonstrated its full commitment to the games, with preparations for a simple, safe, and splendid event. Everything has been completed on schedule so far, ensuring that the Beijing Winter Games will be an extraordinary celebration of sport and the Olympic spirit.

In the spirit of Together for a Shared Future, all kinds of contributors are now doing their part for the preparations. The permanent infrastructure has been completed: 12 venues in three clusters will pass their final acceptance tests as scheduled this year. The Beijing to Zhangjiakou high speed rail link and the Beijing-Chongli highway (connecting to Yanqing) are already open to traffic. The Zhangjiakou Olympic Village is also complete. The 2022 Beijing Winter Games will be an event of many firsts: the first use for the new advanced, energy-saving, environmentally friendly cooling system; the first games run entirely on green energy; and the first time a single city has hosted both the summer and winter games. A series of test events began on October 5, which have been very successful. International Skating Union (ISU) Vice President Alexander Lakernik praised the event, saying, "The best thing at the moment is the arena, its readiness and how it looks. And everything works."

Together for a Shared Future: We will come together to show the world just how strong the international Winter Games family can be when we are together. IOC President Thomas Bach has talked about the ways in which sport can contribute to better and more inclusive post-COVID society. He has made it one of the IOC's goals. In fact, the whole world needs more understanding, friendship, and fair competition. Looking at the enormous changes over the hundred-year history of the Olympics, and the current challenges we face, including COVID-19, the world needs more of the Olympic spirit of togetherness. A world that comes together will not turn the control of COVID into a political football. And an Olympics of togetherness leaves no room for the politicization of sport.

Canada is a powerhouse in winter sports, and has achieved excellent medal tallies in the last three Winter Games. It has also held two successful Winter Games itself. China and Canada have had very positive sports relations, with many links and exchanges in ice hockey and curling.

Sunshine always comes after the rain – however heavy the storm has been. The Olympic moment has now officially shifted into Beijing time. We would like to extend a warm invitation to all of our friends here in Canada to visit and follow the 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games. We look forward to watching Canada's finest sports men and women demonstrating their strength and skills. We wish them every success in Beijing. We believe that the Olympic banner can bring us together for a shared future. The 2022 Beijing Winter Games will help to cement the world's confidence in our future. Together, we can write a new Olympic chapter in the shared story of humanity.