• By: Tyler Burch

Top 10 Auto Repair Shops in Ottawa

Getting your vehicle inspected and repaired in a trustworthy garage isn’t always a walk in the park. Unfortunately, there are auto shops out there that can leave you in a state of uncertainty and overcharge you for their services. However, fear not, for many garages and auto repair shops in the national capital operate with the utmost honesty and integrity.

As the winter season looms on the horizon, the importance of car maintenance grows ever more pronounced. Of course, because Ottawa is one of the world’s chilliest capitals, everyone needs winter tires. Then there’s routine oil change or those unpredictable moments when our vehicles decide to be less than cooperative Vehicle maintenance is important, especially in the cold months. Then, of course, are the times when you hear a family member say, “There’s something wrong with the car,” and you immediately think about cost. In a time of mounting costs and inflation, the quest for a garage that offers affordability while maintaining reliability and efficiency becomes paramount. The question then arises: which auto repair shops in Ottawa manage to strike this crucial balance? By examining the pivotal factors of integrity, service quality, and cost-effectiveness, we’ve assembled a list of Ottawa’s top ten auto repair establishments, which we encourage you to explore.

Canadian Tire

Carlingwood Shopping Centre, 2165 Carling Ave
Call: 613-725-3111

Nestled in Ottawa at the Carlingwood Shopping Centre, you’ll find the largest Canadian Tire store in the nation. This transition, which occurred just one year ago when the store relocated to the Carlingwood Shopping Centre from its former location down the street, marked a significant milestone for Ottawa and Canadian Tire. Since then, this family-friendly store has continued to exceed expectations, notably in its outstanding car repair services overseen by ‘Tony and his team’. The staff are very approachable and knowledgeable on a range of car-related questions and problems. While specializing in tire and wheel services, they can also help with most services your car may need and if they can’t do the repair for whatever reason, they will refer you to a local garage or repair shop that can. Another great thing about this shop is they are focused on ensuring customers get a fair price, and they stand by their work. Plus, what other auto repair shop gives you the opportunity to shop and explore Canada’s largest Canadian tire while you wait for your repair.

Here are a few things customers have shared about their experiences with Tony and his Team at Canadian Tire:

“I use their garage for my car maintenance and always receive honest and excellent service for a good price. Even though I moved, and they are a 45-minute drive now, I still like to go here for my car maintenance. Their store is large, so while I wait, I can do some shopping in the store.”

“Best in the city. Period.” Thanks again . . .

“Jay from Auto Service was amazingly kind and knowledgeable when helping me with my winter tires and booking my installation appointment. There were customers coming in left and right, the phone ringing off the hook, and he always kept his professional demeanour with a big smile. So grateful!”

“Canadian Tire Carlingwood earned my thanks and my business with the efforts of their auto service department yesterday. Cannot recommend them highly enough!”

“I’m not a car guy and have had bad experiences with dealer’s garages and others in the past when getting repairs and things done. Over the years, I’ve come to count on these guys to give me the straight goods if I have a car problem. I never feel ripped off or taken when I come here. They are very friendly and, upfront and honest and do great work. Highly recommend them.”

Young Street Garage

22 Young St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3H5
Call: (613) 234-2910

Young Street Garage has been a family-owned business since 1976 that provides expert high-quality service repairs on Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi, and Mini cars at competitive prices. They work on anything from oil changes to steering and suspension and everything in between. Young Street Garage offers high-quality automotive service and repairs in Ottawa while providing superior personalized customer service. This is a fantastic option that will get the job done in a friendly and fair manner.

Hear from customers on their experiences:

“Second time using the service, and I couldn’t be happier—much better service than authorized dealers at much more reasonable fees. I’ve only done some minor things so far, but the overall communication, attention to detail and proactive approach was off the charts when compared to your usual mechanic. Recommend to all trying to stay on top of maintenance of their European luxury cars.”

“Always a great experience here whether a planned service appointment or last-minute emergency repair. Fair prices, honest employees, and quality work! The place is always packed, but they always manage to get my older car up and running within a day or two.”

“Excellent service and good prices. I saved just over $500 on a complete brake job from going to the dealer.”

Savasta Automotive Repair Inc.

417 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, ON K2P 0Y9
Call: (613) 237-9274

Located in the heart of Ottawa, Savasta Automotive Repair Inc. is a family-run shop that puts customers first and makes honesty a priority. They prioritize their service to gain clients and create a community to surround them. They focus on a variety of repair issues for both import and domestic vehicles, especially focusing on preparing cars for winter. This is a great, well-rounded, and trustworthy garage that can help with anything you may need.

Hear from customers on their experiences:

“This is the most honest garage in Ottawa; if you’re looking for a place you can trust, look no further. I have had countless experiences when Savasta has come through for us when other garage and dealership garages would have charged us exorbitant amounts. I am never going anywhere else for our family’s vehicles.”

“I have been taking vehicles here for 15 years and always recommend them to others. Fair, honest, and reliable service. Highly recommended.”

Franco Garage

70 Beech St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3J6
Call: (613) 789-2128

Located in Little Italy, Franco Garage is a great option that works with customers on a personal level. They prioritize their amazing service and affordable prices while offering general repairs, along with winter services, including winter tires. They are worth checking out!

Hear from customers on their experiences:

“Can’t recommend these guys enough! Very friendly dudes and quick service – they squeezed in my appointment at the last minute because they knew I was headed out of town. Also, as a young woman who knows nothing about cars, most mechanics take advantage of it and charge me wild prices for “issues” my car has had. I experienced the opposite here. Abdul took the time to explain to me what the car’s issues were and how he fixed them.”

“Amazing experience from start to finish. All the employees are very friendly and very helpful. I took my car in for a full checkup, and these guys took care of everything. If you are looking for a solid and reliable mechanic, look no further. I highly recommend them!”

Grant Street Garage

1 Grant St, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2W8
Call: (613) 728-3729

Grant Street Garage Inc. has proudly served Ottawa since 1946. Throughout the years, they have gained a loyal following in the community by offering traditional, exceptional customer service. Numerous community members have grown to trust and depend on them to maintain their family vehicles in optimal working order.

Hear from customers on their experiences:

“Can’t say enough great things about Geoff and the staff. Great price, great service and trustworthy. I own a somewhat unique car, and the shop can maintain it at half the cost of the dealership. Would recommend this garage to anyone.”

“A friend recommended Grant Street Garage to me 5fiveyears ago, and I have been going ever since. They’re honest reliable and it is always a great experience dealing with them. Highly recommend!”

Bob Peters Garage Inc.

195 Hinchey Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 1L6
Call: (613) 722-4289

With a garage full of highly skilled and certified employees, they are guaranteed to get the job done at a high quality and at affordable prices. Since its beginnings, Bob Peter’s Garage Inc. has developed into a full-service auto repair shop offering the latest technology and dedicated expertise. Their full-service auto repair shop is equipped to handle major or minor auto repairs. As being recognized as one of the most dependable auto repair shops around, don’t hesitate to check them out!

Hear from customers on their experiences:

“Awesome experience. Vincent is an amazing mechanic. I have been using their services for years (including the old location). As someone who has very limited knowledge of cars and is always worried that I will be taken for a ride. Bob Peter’s garage explains everything and gives me options (as my car is not new). Will continue to be a client for many more years.”

“Very trustworthy and honest shop, always doing great work for reasonable prices. Definitely recommend!!!”

Booth St Auto Service

297 Booth St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7J8
Call: (613) 233-4767

Booth Street Auto Service is a small local auto shop that has been open for more than 20 years. Their mission is to provide honest customer service and great prices while working on numerous issues. They have very high ratings and excellent reviews.

Hear from customers on their experiences:

“My go-to garage, the employees are honest, reliable, competent, and professional. Not only are their prices fair, but I am confident that when I bring my cars there, David and Brian will act with integrity and due care. Would recommend them to family and friends.”

“Fantastic service, Great prices. Been going here for years, and these guys have never failed to deliver! If you’re in Ottawa and this isn’t your go-to ship, you are sorely missing out!”

“Very nice work, and friendly people who do the job in a professional way, with excellent price, thank you. Definitely recommend.”

Mike Galazka Service Centre Ltd

123 Main St, Ottawa, ON K1S 1B9
Call: (613) 232-6659

Mike Galazka Service Centre’s team of certified technicians focuses on three characteristics they aim to implement for every customer: service, value, and integrity. Service, ranging from basic maintenance to heavy repair, value, focusing on competitive rates and fast service, and integrity within their amazing customer service, are all traits they strive to achieve. A good choice that puts the customer first.

Here’s what customers have to say about them:

“Excellent service, competitive prices, reliable and trustworthy. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

“The best service I’ve experienced from any mechanic in 40 years. Always friendly and helpful.”

“Best car service I’ve gotten in Canada. They’re honest, organized, and diligent. You will get an accurate diagnosis of your car and maintenance plan. This is not one of those places where the owner will try to get more money from you. If you need a repair, they’ll tell you. If not, as they will tell you as well. I have moved out of Sandy Hill, and I’m still taking the car to their shop. Each star is completely deserved. Good job guys!”

B&N Transmission

1086 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, ON
Call (613) 729-6000

It takes a lot of chutzpah to be a repair shop or garage and have the tagline,“SPECIALIZING IN HONESTY” on your website and over your front door. But B&N has been known to locals in the capital for over 40 years for having a reputation of honesty and top-shelf service. Their highly qualified technicians deliver top-class transmission services, and they are fantastic at customer relations and service. Here’s just a few examples of what their clients say about them:

“Came in with quite a loud noise coming from my transmission; it was quickly diagnosed as an input shaft bearing issue. There was no charge for the diagnosis. I was quoted for the work a range of pricing (even the higher end of the range was very reasonable compared to the dealership quote), and the range was no more than I had to pay, including taxes. While working on the bearing, they also diagnosed a slave cylinder issue, which they fixed, where they charged no additional labour, and the final price was still within the initial quote price range. This place is completely honest with their customers and operates with exceptional integrity. I would recommend their services to anyone experiencing transmission issues.”

“Got off the Queensway when a rattling noise and grinding vibrating on the gear shifter on my 2008 Accord. Got it towed after hours to B&N. Expecting the worst, $$$$, for a replacement transmission. Louis called me up first thing in the morning and was greatly relieved that it was a broken axle, no transmission work. He had already ordered the part and slotted me in right away to have it done by that afternoon, on a Friday!”

“Repair cost was way lower than I anticipated and fair vs what I’d expect for transmission-related cost. My 2008 Honda now has its life extended. Thanks to Louis and his B&N team for a stress-free experience and great service!”

“Being as I needed a new transmission;,this was the most I’ve ever had to spend on a repair. There’s no escaping that fact, but I must say that I’ve never felt so good about spending money to repair my car. Right from the start ,Louis and his team put me at ease with their detailed explanations of my problem and all options available to me. Very knowledgeable and purely professional. It was a quick turnaround to get me back on the road as well. I picked up my car today ,and I was so happy with its performance. It honestly feels like a new car, and it drives, feels, and sounds better than it ever has during my time owning it. They did such a fantastic job that I’m wishing I had brought it to them much earlier when I suspected something may be going (that’s my fault). Transmission problems are scary for a car owner, but I strongly urge you to give B&N a call if you suspect there is a problem. They will diagnose it accurately and more than likely save you a ton of money by not waiting until things get worse. I am so happy that I brought my car to them, and I will always recommend B&N to anyone in need of transmission service. 10/10 on all fronts. You won’t regret it.”

SMRO Auto Service

849 Boyd Ave Ottawa, ON, K2A 2C9
613-792-SMRO (7676)

SMRO is a Canadian one-stop shop, family-owned and operated. They specialize in all auto service and repair needs for all makes and models, passenger cars, medium-sized trucks, SUV, etc. They offer a wide range of services and provide same day service for most repairs and maintenance. You get a warranty on parts, labour and services and you can deal directly with Robin Pudasaini, the business owner.

Here’s what some of their customers said:

“I’ve had excellent experiences dealing with them every time I’ve been, from the owner to the front desk to the mechanics. They’re an honest shop and not just tell you what you need; they’re happy to show/explain what the issue is. Also, they’re quite reasonably priced in their services. Their online booking system is also quite convenient. While I don’t necessarily look forward to spending more money on my car, when its 380,000km worth of use call for some service, it gives me confidence in the car to know it was serviced by SMRO.”

“A positive experience for car repair – nice to find. I was looking for a local auto repair shop that seemed trustworthy, and after reading the reviews about SMRO, I thought I’d give them a try. My dealer, where I’ve had routine maintenance done for years, had flagged some items they thought needed replacing and I was surprised by the very high markup on parts and total cost, a few thousand dollars. At SMRO, I was treated as a knowledgeable customer and was able to benefit from their expertise to see that two items flagged for repair were still in pretty good shape, no need for new suspension parts or oil pan and gasket just now. My air conditioner had just started blowing hot air too so that needed fixing. The auto mechanics had all the tools to test the A/C system and found the problem and fixed it – works nicely again. I found the pricing to be reasonable and the work was done quickly and professionally. I was even shown the results of the A/C dye test on the part that needed replacing. It is comforting to know that your auto mechanic is telling you the straight story about what is broken, as well as what isn’t broken! Certainly, will go there for future service. I saw a wide range of vehicles in for service, some high-end ones too, which was comforting as my car is a pretty nice vehicle. Thought I’d share this positive experience. Thanks, SMRO.”

“SMRO Auto Repair and Service provided me with the best service you could ask for from a mechanic, above and beyond anything that  I’ve experienced. He not only fixed the problem in a ccost-effective and thorough manner but made sure I understood what was happening and kept me involved throughout. I learned a thing or two, and my car was fixed at a cost far below what I expected. Thanks, Robin!”

“Just a quick note of appreciation to Robin for going above and beyond to fix a part on a used car I just bought. The easy route would have been to replace the part. Unfortunately, the replacement part was not available from the dealer (anywhere) or from local auto part providers. My own searches with online part seller indicated it was not possible to get from online either – as unbelievable as it might sound. Robin took the longer route, the only option available, and repaired the used part.”

“I am a new customer, and he went above and beyond for a perfect stranger. I am no mechanic, but I know enough to realize that the price he charged was very reasonable.”