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Top 10 winter activities to discover in Mont-Tremblant

The most popular winter destination in Quebec, Mont-Tremblant offers an unparalleled playground to all those who love the outdoors and wide-open spaces. Mountains as far as the eye can see, one of the best ski resorts in Canada, numerous lakes, a national park, hundreds of kilometres of trails… the options are endless for anyone who wants to escape and unwind in our magnificent part of the country.

Tremblant resort offers a safe and practical pied-à-terre that will amaze both young and old with its enchanted village appearance and its family-friendly atmosphere.

But what makes Tremblant so essential this winter is the multitude of activities that it offers. Here are the 10 most popular activities offered by The Tremblant Activity Centre.

1.  Dog sledding

If you had to choose just one activity, it would definitely be this one. Imagine yourself dashing through the woods pulled by a pack of adorable huskies, a fine snow falling, pristine white landscapes…  Are you convinced yet?

Tremblant dog sledding offers several dog sledding packages accessible to everyone, where you can—depending on the chosen activity—drive your own team of dogs, learn more about the job of the musher and the dogs or spend time cuddling with them… a must for young and old.

2.  Snowmobiling

Another quintessential Canadian activity, snowmobiling offers guaranteed thrills! Whether you’re an experienced driver or a beginner, we have activities for all levels and several different packages (full-day, half-day, evening, etc.). In our opinion, it’s the best way for lovers of motorsports to enjoy our marvellous landscapes!

3.  Dune buggy 4 x 4

Because not everyone is comfortable getting on a snowmobile, and because family outings are also fun, we have the dune buggy! Hop into an enclosed and heated off-road 4×4 vehicle, and you’re ready to set off on an adventure! You’ll drive your own vehicle with up to 3 passengers and follow the guide over snowy wooded trails. The activity is accessible to children ages 5 and up.

4.  Sleigh rides

Wonder for the little ones and a return to childhood for the older ones: this is what awaits you at the sleigh ride activity at Tremblant! Choose from a pleasant ride during which you can let your mind wander into contemplation or a real show in great company. Our host—a woodsman, storyteller, and musician—will offer you unforgettable moments with folk songs, stories, and local legends. Plenty of fun ahead!

5.  Tubing

Enjoy our 8 tubing lanes—from beginner to expert level—to let loose as a family or among friends on the slopes of a well-groomed hill in downtown Mont-Tremblant. The tow- lift back up to the top lets you save your energy for the ride. A very popular après-ski activity!

6. Indoor games

Because sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate, we have a wide range of really fun indoor games that are suitable for all ages: escape games, laser tag, virtual reality, etc. At any time of day or night, enjoy fun experiences in extraordinary worlds. Escape your everyday routine and have some crazy fun, all while staying warm inside.

7. Snowshoeing

Fans of long, beautiful walks in the snow will have plenty of fun exploring our wonderful territory on snowshoes! Set off on an adventure on your own with rented snowshoes or treat yourself to the exciting experience of a guided tour with interpretation of the natural surroundings and local folklore. Our customers’ ultimate favourite activity is feeding the chickadees on the charming trails of Domaine St-Bernard. These birds come and peck directly in your hands. Simply wonderful!

8. Ice fishing

‘Thrills’ might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of ice fishing, but with a little help from our experienced guide, everything about the ice fishing experience is fun, and when you catch your first fish, it’s pretty thrilling! You’ll keep warm in a heated shelter and even use a submersible camera to observe the fish in their natural habitat at your leisure.

An experienced guide is there to teach you the technique and introduce you to the local fauna. Yellow perch, bass, and pike, which are your prey, will be released into the water at the end of the activity for conservation reasons.

9. Helicopter flights

Even at the summit of the highest mountain, you will never have a view worthy of the one that awaits you up in the air above the Laurentians. Treat yourself to a helicopter flight and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. A simple flight or a heli-spa package option are available depending on your desires of the moment. Have a good flight!

10. Ice climbing

Here is a great challenge to tackle for those aged 8 and up: climbing one of the most impressive ice falls in the Tremblant region! During the ice climbing activity, an instructor will introduce you to the required techniques, so no experience is necessary to enjoy this awesome winter activity. In the same vein, extraordinary via ferrata and zipline activities are also available in the cold season.

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